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Someone Great Quick View A Charming Funny Relatable Film for recent exes Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Surprise surprise, a Netflix original romantic comedy film worth praising for in Someone Great. Tells a story of Jenny Young (Gina Rodriguez) whom has been recently dumped from a 9 year relationship. Jenny copes with the breakup by reminiscing the good times, as well as getting hammered and doing drugs. Jenny hopes to have a successful night out with her girlfriends Blair (Britney Snow) and Erin (DeWanda Wise) at a exclusive music festival, hoping to move forward from her past relationship. There's actually consistent qualities behind Someone Great. An enjoyably well made soundtrack, loved how the Cinematography had a consistent tone of Neon colors as the little music festival is known as "The Neon Festival" so it fit well with the theme. The cast were all pretty good and had solid chemistry, adored the girlfriends Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, and Britney Snow which I hope this is a solid step for a comeback towards her career. LaKeith Stanfield never disappoints, pretty good performance from him as well. Of course when it's a Romantic Comedy film from Netflix, I have my doubts... But after this hilarious opening subway scene, I knew it was going to be something good for once. Someone Great is a well told written story with solid comedy material, that'll not only make viewers laugh but also make them feel something. Majority of the scenes between Jenny and Nate felt real, this actually represented a real relationship with real problems, the audience shall feel something to relate to while watching the ups and the end of their relationship. Also the supporting characters Blair and Erin are not just comedic relief characters or characters that show no purpose, they also each have their own backstory and struggles dealing with themselves, which was refreshing to watch this time around. A few flaws along away, including an opening montage scene that was nicely done but didn't need to be there, some pacing issues, jokes that didn't quite hit, also not capitalizing in a scene involving Jenny in a small convenient drug store. Overall, Someone Great delivered as I felt this was a solid romantic comedy film that deserves credit where it's due, check this one out on Netflix for sure! -Mitch Smietana  

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