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Shut In (2022); Grade: C+

Shut In tells a story about a mother named Jessica (Rainey Qualley) who has a couple children as they’re about to depart their home. Unfortunately Jessica has locked herself in an old pantry, as it’s a immense struggle to get out especially for her youngest daughter whom is not strong enough to open the door. Worst of all: Jessica’s ex boyfriend Ron (Jake Horowitz) toys with Jessica, as he opens the door to let her out, then violently puts her back in. Jessica’s pride and joy of her kids are in great danger if Jessica doesn’t get out this pantry, especially when Ron’s friend Sammy (Vincent Gallo) comes into the house as he’s had a history of being a pedophile.

Daily Wire whom is well known for their news page and such, has now entered the cinema field as this film was crowd funded by their website members. Though I’m not a member of Daily Wire, I will say that I do enjoy The Daily Wire. I appreciate the fact The Daily Wire is one of the rare few News Platforms that actually reports real and accurate up to date news, a lot of news broadcasts don’t actually do this anymore which is very concerning. Plus I respect The Daily Wire for having that tell it like it is attitude, having an unbiased mentality when it comes to different point of views and such, while also standing firm on their morals and views. Rarely enough in today’s society do we have such people actually having morals, values, principles, or just actually staying true to what they believe in, so it’s quite refreshing seeing this kind of platform in News.

I was skeptical about this film in general. Though I didn’t see a single trailer, I had my doubts just cause The Daily Wire isn’t fundamentally sound when it comes to film. Knowing Ben Shapiro as his takes of film comes off a bit ignorant much, I mean his take on Nomadland was COMPLETELY wrong, like you can tell he didn’t watch the film at all by his statement. However: I give almost every film a chance, plus how can you say no to a film in which was crowd funded where the film maker can actually make what they want to make and be in charge of their own vision?! It’s something worth supporting, I enjoyed the genuine opening before the film started, where the film almost was ruined by a studio head, then Daily Wire just acquired the project and let them do their own thing… I wish more film makers get that opportunity to actually make what they want to make, without restrictions, so that was pretty cool of Daily Wire.

Shut In was surprisingly… Not half bad for a debut feature by a news company.

The entertainment value for Shut In was there, as it takes on a familiar storyline we’ve seen plenty of times in the intense thriller genre. The whole pantry idea was odd but it worked well considering it was a old broken down house and all, plus I appreciate the fact the film went into different directions as it went into more locations than this one lone pantry, so there’s not much of a dull moment.

The cast all in all t’was solid as a whole. The best performance of this film by far is Vincent Gallo which I was surprised this film was able to cast someone, whom has been in and has made a highly successful film with Buffalo 66. Vincent Gallo for his short screen time most certainly put on a show, as this aging actor still has pretty solid acting chops as he delivers BIG TIME in this film.

One of the main issues for Shut In for me was some bad dialogue here and there. The way the characters interact with one another doesn’t feel thoroughly natural, as you can tell the script needed some more work as the words spoken by these characters was eh.

In the opening I believe the head of Daily Wire was discussing the true meaning of Shut In, as it is about over coming a drug addiction as not only our lead character is a recovering drug addict, but also the house plays a part in it as well metaphorically speaking. I can see what exactly the film maker was trying to accomplish as it’s execution considering the house, the rotten apples, and of course the men in the house all played fine in the deeper meaning in what the film maker was trying to say. However: The execution in which our lead character gets over the hump of no longer wanting to be a drug addict, when there are so many temptations all around her… The film didn’t deliver in that aspect, the way I was hoping it would. It honestly stumbles itself on this aspect, the moment was just not powerful enough for me to feel this moment actually was the defying moment that this past drug addict has finally over come her addiction, I just wish it was executed better.

Well The Daily Wire’s first feature t’was actually a success, I appreciate them actually proving me wrong as by the looks of their upcoming couple features which they did previewed before the film started… Let’s see how far they go with this new direction.

Overall, Shut In was actually average. I recommend checking this one out, like I said the entertainment value was definitely there indeed. -Mitch Smietana

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