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Show Me the Father; Grade: B-

Show Me the Father is a documentary film centered around a few individuals, giving their emotional stories of the idea of being/finding a fatherly figure through christ. Whether it being a father figure for adoption, a father figure through coaching, or finding a father through christ when there is no father present in their actual life.

Off the top: The issues involving Show Me the Father are related to presentation and editing. Visually the film was nothing special, felt like a documentary you would watch on the NFL Football Network known as "The Football Life" featuring a past pro ball player. I also didn't enjoy the sudden close the black sequences, felt pretty amateurish. The editing can feel a bit out of placed, as the stories are shifting around and around, as it can feel too loose. Would much rather have Jim Daly's story be told first, the one man whom is telling his story on adoption second, the film makers father third, and the entire football coach story last.

Before going into Show Me the Father I had no idea what this was about, other than it was associated from those who brought us War Room... Which is one of the worst religious films. So going in I expected a religious film, as I hoped it didn't come off as just propaganda and not actually telling a working narrative... This coming from a believer of Christ.

Show Me the Father surprising enough... Moved me. Watching these individuals talked about their experiences and expressed the true value of being a father in someones life, was moving stuff and was fascinating. Most of these stories were meaningful, deep, honest, and truly showed the great works of God within them all. Of course the highlight of this film was the Coach's story... What happens from beginning to end of that story was awesome, I also appreciated the fact there was no sign of shame or disgraced, as those were willing to forgive and move forward in love and happiness.

The film taught me a fair amount lessons within the bible verses, taught me the true value of being a father and finding a father within Christ, taught me about life in general, and also taught me how damaging the effects are when there isn't a father presence in one's life. It teaches up and coming fathers to step up and take full pride and responsibility when given this role. Just because you've had a father in which didn't treat you well when you were a kid, doesn't mean you keep on repeating the same legacy. In life we have free will, so what's been done to you should not be repeated when your time has come. Just because being a father is a lot of work, doesn’t mean you should back away from that challenge. Within taking on that challenge, you learn how to become a stronger individual, improve on your problem solving, and slowly but surely enough become a much more whole individual on the inside. Be more Christ like, teach them the important values of life, and love that child unconditionally.

It's truly remarkable how much of a difference one man can make, if they own up to that father role in their own child's life or for someone else's life... It makes sense why the world has gone the way it is because it's doesn’t value the importance within our own society to have a strong father figure around.

I loved the whole segment of how every child is not alone when it comes to having a father, as we all have a father through God and Christ. People often forget that God has thought of a purpose within all of us, when God took the time and craftsmanship to create us with his bare hands… You can understand that we were all loved from the start, it’s a beautiful thing and whether you believe or not, it’s what helps many individuals continue to move forward when the world repeatedly tells them they can not.

Show Me the Father for what it is, delivers it's moral purpose in trying to motivate and inspire men to take on responsibility, become stronger through your battles, and to be a difference maker.

Overall, Show Me the Father was fairly decent. I recommend checking this one out, especially for the male audience, I think this will give them some solid life lessons. -Mitch Smietana

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