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SharkWater Extinction Quick View Bravo Rob Stewart on a Great Impactful Doc Grade: B+

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13 years ago, Rob Stewart’s documentary film SharkWater impacted the world we live in, regarding the crime of shark finning. Thanks to SharkWater, shark finning has been banned in many countries. In SharkWater Extinction, witness Rob Stewart exposing places whom still do shark finning illegally, as well as killing sharks for trade, food, cosmetics and so forth. Now I’ve never seen SharkWater, I saw on Amazon Prime this is a film released in 2019, so I figured why not it could be interesting. The film opens up with a small summary of SharkWater, which I thought that was nice, it didn’t gave away everything from SharkWater, it was just a quick summary for those whom haven’t watched it which I appreciate. The Cinematography of this film is spectacular, beautiful visuals of the ocean as I love looking at the clear crystal blue water very much. The sharks looked incredible as well, I love how this film truly captures the innocence of these super predators. I guess a quick nit pick would be when this film is shot at dark, it looks alright at a couple points. Quick flaws to mention. I didn’t like the foreign dudes, whom can speak English have subtitles, I can clearly hear what their saying I didn’t need that. Also Rob near the end of the film, talks about how we need to not buy food or products containing shark in them. While Rob is correct, however... Earlier it’s mentioned the food and products that have shark in it, are hidden under the rug, so nobody knows that their using or eating shark. While Rob is correct, how can we as human beings not eat or use shark, if we don’t know it’s there? I was blown away with this documentary film, I thought it was truly a work of art. Here’s a man devoting his life, towards the creature he loves, making sure he brings change to the many killings of this animal for just awful use. Rob Stewart is a great figure to look up to, he took risks in dangerous places where he even got shot at, just to bring awareness that people should not be killing his beloved animal. The film gives us a great amount of useful information. Rob tells us how killing the sharks affects the ecosystem, which is true. If you mess around with how life is suppose to be, it truly affects the world we live in, there’s no reason for killing these animals. Gives us facts how eating shark is not good for you, containing lead and other stuff that are not good for humans. How their sneaking shark in our food and cosmetics... It’s pretty terrible. Also how great of value taking a fin of a shark is and exposing a lope hole to the finning shark law, that people can continue to illegally fin shark. So I didn’t know what happened in the end, as you know this was a random watch... My heart was crushed. What a tragic sad ending, I mean it really broke my heart, the way the film ends just... How are you suppose to feel after witnessing that?! Overall, SharkWater Extinction was a great impactful heartfelt documentary film. I highly recommend this film, watch a visually beautiful film while you learn a great cause! -Mitch Smietana

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