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Share Quick View Though a Slow and Frustrating Watch, The Point was Delivered Well Grade: B

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Share tells a story of a teenager in high school Mandy (Rhianne Barreto), whom has friends and plays on the girls basketball team. Mandy one night woke up on her front lawn, having no recollection of what happened hours before. The next day Mandy received a disturbing video, of a teenage boy touching her while unconscious. Mandy's teammates notices she has scratches and bruises on her back, as now Mandy realizes she was assaulted. Mandy's parents report what has happened to Mandy, as we go through a long exhausting process of Mandy trying to receive justice. The Cinematography was fine, not many shots impressed me, the way the film looks is suitable. I didn't care for The Score in this film, it was kind of distracting and even out of tone with the story. The cast was solid as a whole. Rhianne Barreto played a strong performance as Mandy, as one whom looks tired, drained, exhausted, broken, and bored the way this character should be... I feel Rhianne Barreto hit all the right notes. When people watch a character like Mandy, they’re going to be many complaints flying in which some I can agree or understand, but honestly the character represents a clear message, in which the film maker was trying to say. I feel this character is fine, but it's more towards a message than making her a strong protagonist. Charlie Plummer playing Mandy's friend Dylan was fine, I felt this performance was similar to his work in Lean on Pete, not crazy about him still but he's got some potential. I think Mandy's parents did a really good job with their roles, played by Poorna Jagannathan and J.C. MacKenzie. I felt their frustrations and sorrow in their performances. So I have a few flaws. The pacing is pretty damn slow, what feels like an hour and twenty-seven minutes feels longer. Nothing much happens in this film, you're kind of sitting in Mandy's shoes in a way, regarding the ever lasting long process of receiving any news regarding gathering new evidence. Also there is a scene, where Mandy is at a game, she hears a voice yelling "Let me out." The entire scene felt completely random, as it doesn't lead to anything, so what was the point in that scene?! I felt Share was good, I didn't love this film or was anyway wow'd by it. The story is simply told, it doesn't do anything over the top or add any sort of cliche regarding this topic, it's realistically told as for what it is... It managed to work. I think the best part of this entire film, was the point this film was trying to come across, regarding it's message. It's easier said than done, when it comes to going forward regarding being assaulted. When you lack evidence and suspects... It's a very long exhausting process, of accomplishing justice. I feel the film was trying to show, why some whom have been assaulted, never come forward... The harsh reality is sometimes, it's not worth it. Either you wait around for weeks, months, heck even years for something to come up. Mandy's life completely changed when her parents came forward for her. She got suspended from the team for drinking, as the video shows. She had to do her class work at home, instead of attending classes at school. She was kept home majority of the time, as it wasn't safe for her to go out. Later on Mandy became depressed, always crying time to time. We get confused on why those have been assaulted, sometimes blame themselves as being the bad guy in all this. With Mandy a good portion of her life felt destroyed, so you understand why she blamed herself for drinking and wanting to hookup with boys at parties, as she felt she was the victim for all she lost. It's wrong for Mandy to feel this way, but we understand why she feels sorrow for herself, playing her as the victim. So yes of course those whom have been assaulted should come forward regardless, but when they don't right away, let's not knock them down and think about why they aren't choosing to do so. Maybe it's not worth it for them, it's not worth all the trauma, heartache, disappointment... That's why I feel that was what the film was trying to say, it did it's part well. With regards to the ending, where I see people on the internet complaining about... I mean they do have a point, but were you watching the same movie?! Why do you think Mandy made that choice?! She already gone through that process, she just felt it's not worth it again... Whether you like it or not which I don't, I understand why she felt to make that choice. Overall, Share was a good film, that delivered it's message well. I recommend this film, but don't expect to be truly amazed by it because it won't do that, it's a solid simple told story delivering a powerful message. -Mitch Smietana

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