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Shapeless (2021 Tribeca Film Festival); Grade: B

Strictly Films welcomes you back to more coverage of this years 2021 Tribeca Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Shapeless.

Shapeless tells a story about a singer named Ivy (Kelly Murtagh) whom is pretty talented at singing. However Ivy struggles with an eating disorder, as she can't hold down a single meal or a simple snack. Ivy when hungry her entire body feels unsettled, however when Ivy eats she experiences some strange visions from the outside appearance of her body that isn't there, which causes Ivy to want to immediately vomit right after consuming anything. Witness one's mind that goes through an eating disorder like Ivy.

Shapeless... T'was weird, unsettling, however a striking an effective experience across the board.

The film is visually stunning, the way it was shot reminded me of a Peter Strickland film. The colors within the sequences were absolutely stunning, giving this a much colorful vibrant look. The disturbing imagery was also shot extremely well, as it really made you unsettled each and every time. Solid work by the makeup crew indeed, the way Ivy's body looks in some of these scenes were extremely impressive and effective in bringing yourself unsettled by what you're experiencing. Followed by a haunting composed score, that compliments the unsettling tone of this film.

Kelly Murtagh played a great performance as Ivy, making you feel extremely unsettled by what this character goes through and most certainly feel a great amount of sympathy for this character as well. Kelly truly delivered big time in some crucial moments, never making it appear to be over the top or silly, just felt like a composed matured performance from one going through this ordeal.

Some may not care for this film, due to the fact the pacing was slow as the story really doesn't lead towards an epic conclusion. However for me it was all about the experience of it all of one going through an eating disorder, as this was effectively done. The film not only does a solid job of what one's mind and body goes through, but also does a well done job showing the audience the many dangers one can go through an eating disorder, as they can permanently damage the body but even more so the mind as well. I believe this film will open many eyes about this disorder, as well as less judgement brought on to those whom appear extremely skinny.

Overall, Shapeless was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, be warned it's not for everybody and I don't think many people will enjoy a film that is quite unsettling like this one, so be prepared going in. Watching Ivy consuming all that sugar, makes me fully confident I'll be able to get through my no sugar diet that I'm currently on... Didn't really need to go on this diet, in fact I don’t really eat that much sugar at all except the occasional 4 Scoops of Ice Cream. Just wanted to see if I can go through an entire month without sugar is all. So far: Doing well, the body and mind feels more awake I will say. -Mitch Smietana

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