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Sextuplets Quick View The Latest Marlon Wayans Netflix Comedy Nightmare is Here Grade: F

Source: IMDB

Sextuplets tells a story about a rich married man Alan (Marlon Wayans) whom is bound to have a baby with his wife Marie (Bresha Webb) at any moment. Only problem is, Marie's father doesn't approve of Alan because he was an orphan and never had a family, which means he'll be a terrible father.... Ok? So Alan is inspired to go on a search for his mother, as he soon finds out his mother had five other children other than Alan... So now he's on a search to find all his siblings. As a young child, I enjoyed Marlon Wayans in a couple films. But lately... It's always a nightmare watching his newest releases. Not only are they're unfunny, obnoxious, stupid, but you can clearly tell it's out of date humor. Like you would find half of his comedy style funny back in the early 2000's, but now in 2019 it has gotten old and when he delivers new material... It sucks. Sextuplets can be compared with Jack and Jill as far as quality in film making, storyline, and comedy... It's a complete garbage nightmare. It's sad for me to say this: Jack and Jill is actually funnier than this film, the Al Pacino joke at the end made me laugh, Sextuplets however didn't make me laugh once. I have one positive to give and that is Marlon Wayans clearly having a good time. Netflix gave him a truck load of money, he gets to make whatever he wants because he's got money like that, so he's just having a ball embarrassing himself playing a terrible performance in every character he plays in this movie, as he doesn’t care because he’s rich and happy. Like I said: Marlon is clearly enjoying himself as he should, so how can I hate on a man that's simply enjoying himself?! As you read above my plot synopsis, you can tell how I found Alan being inspired to go on this trip to be stupid. Like who cares if Alan never had a family, just because he was an orphan doesn't mean he's going to be a bad father, that's not only ignorant but it makes no freaking sense. As Alan meets his first sibling, you can tell it's only going to get worse and worse and worse. Every new sibling Alan meets, they grow to be more obnoxious than the last one. Stereotype after stereotype after stereotype. I don't mind if you play a bunch of stereotype characters, but can you at least deliver any sense of humor that's not in the 90's?! I could've just revisit Austin Powers, a film that is funny and is tackling this similar concept. For some reason we're introduced to one of Alan's relatives, without Alan meeting him first. Alan did notified him by call he wanted to meet him... Somehow this sibling shows up at Alan's workplace and Alan's home... Like where did he get this information from?! He was a nail salon owner, where did he find this personal information from?! It makes no sense, just like the CGI bull scene, trying to create cheap laughs that never land once. The plot twist in the end wasn't even a twist, I knew for a fact Alan's brother was lying, so when that twist came to play, I just shook my head in disappointment. I think Sextuplets somehow manages to be better than Marlon's last terrible comedy Naked, which I shut off early when I had five minutes left. At least Sextuplets I managed to watch the film in it's entirely, not a high praising compliment but yeah at least there is that. The story is terrible, the performances and characters are all bad, the comedy material is dreadful as not one joke ever landed or made me laugh once... Oh Marlon, what happened Marlon?! Overall, Sextuplets is another complete garbage comedy from Marlon Wayans. I don't recommend this film, just watch the Austin Powers trilogy, you'll laugh and be more entertained than this garbage. I hope Marlon actually redeems himself someday, as he partakes in a comedy or serious role that has good material... But Marlon won't because Marlon is enjoying himself, in a pool full of money... Whatever Marlon, just do you I guess. -Mitch Smietana

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