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Serenity Quick View A Full Featured Film of a Lincoln Commercial? NIOCE Grade: F

Source: IMDB

Recommending to rent Serenity could easily go both ways: You could take it as a film one should never recommend to watch, as it’s the worst film you’ve ever seen, as you’re completely confused on what you just watch on just about every aspect. You could also take it as a great time, because it’s so bad that it’s beyond hilarious at many moments. Serenity tells a story of a somewhat broke fisherman Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey), whom sometimes has to have sex with the next door neighbor for money and is yearning to catch “The Fish”. But hold up on “The Fish” now, because there’s a better catch ahead. Baker’s ex wife Karen (Anne Hathaway) and her new husband Frank (Jason Clarke) are in town, as Frank would love to ride on Baker’s boat to catch some fish. Karen offers Baker ten million dollars to have Frank murdered by dropping him off to the ocean waters and have him eaten by the sharks, so Baker’s son and Karen doesn’t have to be abused by Frank anymore. Witness a truly unpredictable unforgettable tale of temptation and other weird strange stuff occurs as well. A positive I would say about this film is Matthew McConaughey was born to play Mr. Dill, for the wrong reasons of course. He fit the strange nature of this character very well, providing us many unintentional funny moments. This film feels like a full length feature film, of a Lincoln car commercial. The story makes no sense whatsoever, especially with the rules and concept provided, it’s just a huge mess. I don’t understand the purpose of Mr. Dill’s neighbor character at all, more so why did Diane Lane out of all people took this role?! She needed the money that badly? The dialogue at times is baffling once you hear what is said, a bunch of nonsense while delivering my favorite line of the film ”I am The Rules.” The editing with the visuals and camera work were tremendously awful, especially Mr. Dill jumping off a cliff naked for a “shower”. But as I said earlier, despite this film being terrible at everything it does: It’s saved by being incredibly unintentionally hilarious. It’s a truly awful film, but I found myself laughing in joy towards it’s baffling stupidity than hating myself for watching it. It’s definitely one of those types of bad movies, you can watch with friends and just have a great time in togetherness and laughter. Overall, Serenity is a truly awful drama but a great comedy. I don’t recommend this movie at all, unless however you want to watch it for the wrong reasons then do so, it’s full of fun and laughter I can promise you that. -Mitch Smietana

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