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See You Yesterday Quick View A Complete Baffling Mess of Time Traveling Grade: D-

Source: IMDB

See You Yesterday is about two teenagers CJ (Eden-Duncan Smith) and Sebastian (Dante Crichlow), testing their invention of time traveling. We encounter conflict of a family member dying, as CJ and Sebastian effortlessly try their best to prevent the tragedy from happening, by going back in time. See You Yesterday is not only not unique or ground breaking, but it’s also a complete baffling mess of a movie. Although the cast all in all didn’t do a terrible job as a whole, I’m questioning why everyone in the film has a Jamaican accent, except for our main characters. You can get away with our main characters not having an accent, as long as the parents of these characters have a regular American accent... But since they have a Jamaican accent as well, I just don’t understand the casting choices of Americans when everyone else is Jamaican. Our main character CJ perhaps is the worst character in the entire movie, I hated this character. She was ignorant, stubborn, her attitude was awful, makes dumb choices time and time again. When other characters told this character off in a few scenes, I clapped because this character is just terrible, she has no business leading these time travel missions whatsoever. The story may not be the worst story ever told, however as far as logic goes... I have a pounding headache by how baffling it is. Now time travel in films can be tricky, I mean we had a summer blockbuster film not too long ago Avengers: EndGame that dealt with time travel. The thing with time travel is you set up rules and you follow the rules you set, if you go against the rules you set, your film likely is going to have major flaws. The time travel in this film I say a quarter through, stood by the rules it sets, after that it just abandons the rules as you’re left with questions and not in a good way. Especially towards the third act, as you can’t understand how they’re allowed more attempts at time travel?! How does this certain equipment fortunately get used again, despite we’ve already used it in the past, since we used for time travel, how does it become reusable again? If this person died the last time we’ve attempted time travel, how does this person reappear knowing they died the last time, as it all of a sudden that moment in time is wiped away?! See you gotta stay consistent to the rules you follow with time travel, or else it can become a major mess. The way this film handles a major issue as far as police brutality, was handled poorly, as the film maker behind this film has no freaking clue about this subject matter. Take a film like The Hate U Give, sure I didn’t like the film but at least they handled that subject matter properly, by setting up a situation in which a police would wrongfully kill an unarmed African American. The way this film thinks, is that cops think every African American looks the same, including those that don’t have the same skin color or exact weight as the other criminal... It’s embarrassing. So a character dies in this film, as we’re followed with a terrible memorial service scene, taking away all emotion away from a character the viewer truly cared about, by having the priest sing while talking. The final frame was just stupid, it yet again causes more confusion towards the rules of time travel, as well as the final shot is extremely corny. As a concept we’ve seen this sort of thing have been done before, but it doesn’t do anything new or even done remotely well, but perhaps takes this concept and butchers it to the ground. As far as positives go I’d say Score a couple times was fine, Sebastian and even CJ’s brother we’re both good characters... Besides that I can’t get over this headache I have, by just about everything else. Overall, See You Yesterday is terrible. I don’t recommend film at all. -Mitch Smietana

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