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Secret Obsession Quick View The Suite Life of All State Grade: F

Source: IMDB

Secret Obsession... Oh boy, that title is very misleading. Is about Jennifer (Brenda Song) whom recently was chased down by a psychopath. Jennifer got ran over by a moving car, causing her to lose a significant loss of memory. Jennifer is taken home by her husband Russell (Mike Vogel), as the couple hopes to improve Jennifer's progress in restoring her memory by hard work, care, and love... YUH OK. So think of a LifeTime Television movie, you know the ones where every man is terrible as their only intention is to either abuse or kill women. I feel Secret Obsession would be an insult to LifeTime calling it one, because this film feels completely lazy almost everyone involved, except Brenda Song, I can certainly tell she actually tried, she gets a hall pass. Let's start with the title: Why is it called Secret Obsession, when I know the entire route of this film in exactly one minute?! It's a completely predictable film, there's nothing secret about it. I feel not to talk about the main characters, that would result in spoiler talk... If you can call it that, so I'll be generous. Let's talk about Mr. Detective man played by Dennis Haysbert... What a poorly written character. We are introduced to him losing his daughter in the opening minutes during his past, as it goes literally nowhere but a random resolution because he cracked a case?! WHAT WAS THE POINT?! How about that random guy, whom gets killed off because... AH HE'S CRAZY, MOVIE! What I hate about this film the most, is it's lack of suspense and thrill. Like I know where things are going one minute in, I know the reveal and motivation, I know where the jump scares are coming... Like when you have a film that's in the genre of "Suspenseful Thriller" as it has none of that, what's the point in watching this?! I wasted an hour and a half in watching a completely boring and uninteresting straight to LifeTime movie schlock, it's just complete garbage. The story holds no originality whatsoever, there's nothing interesting about any character, no one is liked or fully developed, the deaths and attacks were lame. They don’t even make an effort, to have the audience guessing whom have done it, it’s out in the open. What else is there to talk about with this film?! Overall, Secret Obsession is complete garbage. Loqueesha is garbage, but heck at least the people behind that film tried to create something original as you don't know where the story is going, I'll give credit where it's due. No I don't recommend Secret Obsession at all, this film is a disgrace towards it's genre... Embarrassing. -Mitch Smietana

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