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Screwball Quick View A Pretty Good Doc, That Uses a Clever Neat Satire Grade: B+

Source: IMDB

Screwball is a documentary about Tony Bosch, a con man of a doctor/anti-aging specialist. We go through how he got into the business, of selling illegal substances including to quite a few famous major league baseball players including Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun, and the highest paid baseball player of all time... Alex Rodriguez. This documentary was on my radar for awhile, I'm happy it got a streaming release recently. Screwball is my third favorite documentary film of 2019, I really enjoyed this one. I've learned quite a bit of information with this documentary, regarding a few aspects. According to this documentary: It's pretty easy to get away with illegal activity in Florida, like I still have no idea how Bosch got away with being a doctor or a specialist, I guess if you have the money put up for a business... You can make anything happen, the American Dream I'll say. I did know about most of the athletes, that got busted in this big steroid raid, but in detail I learned a lot. Like I always thought Manny Ramirez wasn't in the wrong, for taking medicine for women, as reported... But as I watched Bosch explaining his relation and subscription for Manny... My heart was crushed, because damn it he cheated alright. I mean at least it was during the last half of his career with my Red Sox, but is still devastating he cheated and when he did get caught, basically his career was done due to the fact he was never up to par since he got caught. The amount of information I learned from the whole A-Rod situation... Just a big WOW moment, I literally have 0 respect for him now, it was awful. Not only was he the biggest cheater, he was also an immature child, it pissed me off at times. The back story of Bosch's gang, his client Porter Fischer and that whole situation was hilarious. The Fischer stuff made him look like the most gullible person I've ever seen. I guess a couple of complaints: Nothing special about the style about this documentary. Some of the child acting, didn't mouth the words entirely correct when the adults were talking. I thought when this film was reenacting scenarios with kids was pretty funny. Kids acting like adults in adult situations is funny, but also I felt it was a solid satire for the adults in this film. Like majority of the adults are just children, not only do they act like children, but they take the easy way out like children do. Tony Bosch could've been a real doctor, but had no desire to be in school for what 6-8 years?! He took the short cut to go out of the country for 3.5 years, as he did his practice illegally in the states... Listen as a con man mentality, he's smart, but it's still a short cut either way. You can also say that towards the major league baseball players, they could've done it right by keeping themselves clean throughout their careers... But again, they took the short cut route as they tarnished their entire careers. Especially A-Rod, he's the biggest child out of everyone. You'll never see him, Braun, or even Manny... Which breaks my heart Manny will never get in the Hall of Fame... But when you cheat, you don't deserve a place period. Overall, Screwball was a pretty damn good documentary film. I highly recommend this film, it's on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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