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Scream (2022); Grade: B

Scream (2022) continues the story in little ole Woodsboro, California, where once again a masked killer aka Ghostface goes round and about as he/she goes on a killing spree. Of course the killers intentions is connected to the long history of this town, as not only new victims such as a group of teenagers will be targeted, but also the characters we’ve known and loved will be targeted as well.

The week of when I saw Scream (2022), it was made available to rent through streaming. Now I could’ve easily watched this in the comfort of my own home, spending as little as $3 and have a grand time in right?! Well knowing damn well I’m a theater guy: I just couldn’t resist, so I had to partake in having a theatrical experience with this film. Plus: I invested money in renting the last couple Scream films, so I just had to see it in theaters to justify myself spending money on seeing the other films. Sure I may have spent more seeing this in a theater instead, as I went out to dinner, had a big piece of chocolate cake, and the uber fare back home as well. But the important thing is: I had an experience, the value of an experience is no match compared to seeing it at home.

First off: Why is this called Scream (2022)?! Why not call it Scream 5 or some other flashy title?! I feel the reason it’s titled that way is to make fun of reboots or remakes, as often enough so many Hollywood titles now a days are continuing this stale trend, not too long ago we had Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022). However… It’s going to be annoying some when discussing this franchise, as you got to simplify which year when discussing Scream.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Scream franchise, it’s one of the more consistent horror franchises we have currently as far as a well known horror franchises. Other than Scream 3: Pretty much all of them are entertaining, goofy, thought revoking, and just fun films. The return of Scream… This was honestly a pleasant surprise, as this one of the more better Scream films I’ve seen since Scream 2.

It’s quite amazing how each and every Scream film follows the same similar storyline, however maintains to never become stale as they just do a little bit of changes and tweak it here and there. Yes there are similar patterns within the story that are indeed predictable, but within those patterns it still is able to make the audience thoroughly engaged, entertained, and even second guess what is bound to happen?! Even with the usual opening sequence: It still is exciting to watch, even if it’s a bit familiar but it somehow keeps the audience filled with excitement and curiosity.

Scream (2022) from a horror perspective is quite entertaining from start to finish. The kill sequences were gruesome and brutal to watch, as the execution within the sequences were well done enough to entertain the audience but to feel frighten. The comedy material still remains consistent, as there are a few solid comedic moments in this film. The whole poking fun at the Hollywood industry was delightful, I also like the making fun of the indie horror fans as well as I for one am in that group and I enjoyed that joke.

What I also enjoyed about this film is the well executed emotional sequence of a fallen character, like I wasn’t expecting to feel some kind of sadness over their death, however this film delivered in this saddening moment indeed. The thing that separates Scream (2022) from the rest of the films, is the way this film was shot… It takes itself very seriously, as it’s like it’s own identity. I actually liked how the film looked visually, probably one of the best looking films in this entire franchise in my opinion.

I guess if I were to pin point flaws, there is some pacing issues here and there, as of course some repetitiveness can ware the story down a bit.

I feel Scream (2022) is more appealing to fans of this franchise, than it is to regular average Joe viewers. Don’t get me wrong: This film alone still is entertaining on it’s own, however I don’t really see it connect well with those whom aren’t actually involved with the franchise as a whole. Especially the new goofy elements this film introduces… There is going to be some deer in the headlights regarding a similar character, whom is connected to the history of the first Woodsboro killing.

Overall, Scream (2022) t’was a rock solid film. I recommend checking this one out, if you’re a Scream fan you’re going to enjoy this one as well as the others. -Mitch Smietana

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