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RocketMan A Delightfully Solid Fun Music BioPic Grade: B

Source: IMDB

RocketMan is the latest music biopic of legendary recording artist Elton John (Taron Egerton). We go through the childhood, adulthood, highs and lows of Elton’s personal life story. I like Elton John music, sometimes I forget that he made some songs I actually enjoy but never know whom sang the songs being played. The Cinematography was fine. I was surprised due to the fact Elton John has such a colorful personality, which is why it’s odd there’s barely any life to how this film looks. It looks very down and grey for the most part, although I will say in moments this color tone is fitting for Elton’s harsh times in his life. But for the happy times: I expected to be hit by a rainbow, which I’m shocked there is barely much color. The Score was lovely, enjoyed majority of the songs being played. I enjoyed the Costume Design, dope clothing pieces that fit well with Elton’s personality. The cast was solid. I’ve always liked Taron Egerton as an actor, usually delivers dope performances within each and every role he’s in. He’s great in this film, talk about a match made in heaven to find the perfect candidate to play Elton John. Taron did a great job in the singing department, which everyone seems to be blown away by his singing talent. I really enjoyed Jamie Bell playing Elton’s best friend Bernie, whom has also written mostly all of Elton’s songs, he had a pretty good performance. Both had swell chemistry together. Bryce Dallas Howard had a solid performance as Elton’s mother, I actually didn’t know it was her to be honest, nice job. Think my only issue would have to be the younger versions of Elton. I think both portrayals had solid moments, but some down moments. Especially Kit Connor in the beginning of Saturday Night musical number, he was quite sloppy in choreography. My father knows Elton John, he’s been a security guard at Caesars Palace for a few years, as Elton used to have a residency show there. From what I know he happens to be a nice guy, whom is a generous person, as he always treats the security crew with food right after the show courtesy of him. Bernie comes to the shows now and then, as I heard he’s a really nice guy as well. I even have his drummers autographed drum sticks... So yeah it felt like a proud moment for my father, to have known the man behind the film. Dexter Fletcher and Taron Egerton have delivered some magic before on the big screen, with Eddie the Eagle, check that out it’s a pretty good film. So I knew this film was in good hands, if those two were working together. I enjoyed RocketMan, I feel it’s a good film but not a great biopic. What I mostly enjoyed from RocketMan is the fact Dexter Fletcher made it entirely different from the other biopics as far as presentation. He made this biopic into a musical, rarely a few have ever tried to present a biopic in this way, as I gotta say it paid off. Majority of the scenes were fun and well choreographed. I think the best musical number was RocketMan, had a solid amount of style as it reminded me of something like Across the Universe. Although I wish as far as style this film adapted more colorful visuals like Across the Universe. The story is well told, but feels like something we’ve heard many times before, so at times it felt predictable in a couple moments. It happens as you can’t do nothing about it. I like how this story actually takes time to make sure they get every detail about Elton John. They don’t quickly skim through anything, leaving you with unanswered questions, without gaining much of any new information unlike what Bohemian Rhapsody did, with their rushed Wikipedia script. You know what inspired him to be a soul man, how his friendship with Bernie started, his relationship with his parents, and so on. They gave Elton John justice he deserved for a film, so they should be proud of themselves for staying to true with his story. But what I like about this story, is it dives into why Elton was a sex addict, drug addict, alcoholic and so on. Elton claimed that when you’re not loved, you often go find something to cope with that sad feeling, it made a lot of sense especially the sex addict portion. I felt the way this film concluded felt short to me, they could’ve done more with it as it just ends on a random note. I also didn’t get why Elton was trying to ask forgiveness from his mother, I mean he never did anything wrong to her, so why even feel guilty?! Oh at the end of the film, they’ve given information about Elton John during the end credits portion. Well you see: Couple facts posted were wrong. They said Elton John is retired from touring... But he’s touring this year, he’s even debating about coming back to a residency once again. Overall, RocketMan was a solid film and I had an enjoyable time watching it myself. I recommend this film, it’s a fun time at the theaters, as well as something cool to do during the hot summer days. Forever live the legend of Elton John, what a blessing from God giving us a incredible talent towards the music world. -Mitch Smietana

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