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Introduction to Strictly Films

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Humble Beginnings

My entire life has been practically dedicated towards the art of film, ever since birth. As a young child, I recall having a small toy suitcase, as I would fill it with black and white/color movie posters from which I clipped from the daily newspaper. The movie theater to me felt like home, the perfect household in which was a sacred place where I can never find myself to leave from it. I could honestly come there from the start of the day and leave at the end of the night, as I could literally do this every other day repeatedly. I've had just about an extremely difficult time with existing in life. I was treated terribly in school, had a tough time dealing with people from strangers to friends to even family. I've doubted my existence for a long time because I've always felt extremely different and abnormal from everybody else, which made me believe that I never belonged here. At times I felt like choosing death over living because life didn't give me much of a reason to be alive. Film honestly kept my spirits up when I was at the worst times in my life, it gave me a purpose to keep moving forward. Film taught me a lot of lessons in life not many people I've been around with taught me, it always provided me a place to learn, heal, and provided me hope in people and in life in general, there was always something to look forward with film. Whether it be upcoming releases or films in the past, there was so much to watch and discover, film is completely filled with endless options, that's the beauty behind the art It’s timeless. Where the world feels like complete insanity, film just brings my mind at ease and keeps me sane through the insanity. Film was one of the rare few things I got out of life, in which it filled me nothing but pure joy and no sign of disappointment... Of course quite a few films disappoint me every now and then, but I always felt at peace whenever watching a film at the theater or day/night at home. My cousin Tommy was the first to introduced me to the world of professional film critics: Roger Ebert's website. Ever since I was introduced to his website in summer 2009, I had never stopped checking new reviews every week ever since, R.I.P. Roger Ebert. Being a Film Critic was my dream career, I've always dreamed of having my own website.

Mihran Karapetian

In middle school I was acquainted by a fellow passionate movie goer and cartoonist: Mihran Karapetian. Me and him didn't really have a friendship from middle school and even the first few years in high school, although we shared a connection through film by discussing a busy weekend in film. In 2013 Mihran created his own Instagram page for his own little movie reviews: Karapetian Reviews. I was looking forward to a new review every single week from him, although we've shared different opinions as heated debates occur every now and then, but he had great knowledge towards the art of film, and had the same love/passion towards film as I did. One of my highlights from my senior year was the birth of my friendship with Mihran, when he first invited me to an early screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I was truly honored and since then, me and him became best friends for many years. Mihran taught me a lot about film, has given me many memories at the theaters and in life, t'was the closet thing to a brother, in ways he made me feel like I truly belonged in this world. Forever grateful and cherish our friendship for life.

Birth of A Movie Minute W/ Mitch Myers and Strictly Films

In 2017, with the help of an IPad Pro and the Pages App, I decided to go forward with my dream and started my own film review blog/show: A Movie Minute W/ Mitch Myers, created by me and Mihran. The blog was posted on Twitter @StrictlyFilms, Instagram @StrictlyFilmReviews, and FaceBook Strictly Films. For the first few months I had a movie review show on YouTube, but decided to stop due to the fact I wasn't comfortable nor did I enjoy doing it. Since I stopped doing my movie review show, in 2018 I changed the movie review blog name to Strictly Films. I've had a great amount of success with Strictly Films, as actors/actresses/directors have taken noticed of my work. Well known names from Anya Taylor Joy (Split), David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation), Safdie Brothers (Good Time), Milly Shapiro (Hereditary) and more. Although I have never received a dime for the many years that I've been constantly working as a dedicated film critic, it doesn't matter because I do it for the heart and passion towards the art of film, as well as give people a reliable source for a consistent film review blog. One of the couple takes of criticism I've been hearing from my current film review blog, is it was difficult for some of my readers to read my reviews, due to the fact each and every review was uploaded by a screen shot from my IPad. So I‘m extremely proud to release my own website, with help from Wix. It shall give my readers a better place to read my well thought out consistent film reviews, can't want to share with you the many reviews I have in store moving forward with this new site of mine, finally accomplished my long awaited dream. If you would like to read my previous work just go to Strictly Films Twitter and FaceBook as you’ll be treated to hundreds of reviews, from 2017, 2018, and this year. Thank you and hope you read and enjoy my reviews, God Bless- Mitch Smietana


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