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Reminiscence; Grade: D

Reminisce takes place in Miami, Florida, in which the entire city is almost entirely underwater, with a few dry places still in tact. During this era, life seems to become more and more meaningless, as there is barely anything to look forward other than holding onto your precious memories (feels almost like our world currently). Speaking on holding on to your precious memories: There is this invention within this world, in which you can relive your precious memories once again thanks to Nick (Hugh Jackman) whom is a master of this machinery. Nick gets a customer one fine day, as that customer will be known as the one thing that gave meaning to Nick’s life. However the love of his life disappears, as Nick tries to solve the mystery of where she might’ve gone, as soon Nick will find out some very dark secrets of his lover.

Reminiscence as a concept alone on paper is kind of cool, especially taken place in a world that barely has any meaning, unless you are wealthy or have boat. I felt the opening line of dialogue hits at home, pretty much explains that the past is often haunted by the present. It feels pretty accurate as often times especially now, where the present doesn’t compare to the past, as we’ve come to digress as a civilization. Sure the technology has progress most def, however as far as living a fairly normal life where it has a lot of meaning, excitement, and especially sanity… I feel we’re digressing more and more, which makes us pretty depressed because the past was just fine the way it is.

It’s a shame Reminiscence with a cool neat concept, gets such poor treatment in which to create a narrative worth caring and being excited about, as I found this film extremely boring. From a visual perspective, I was expecting some grand beautiful visuals especially coming from those involved with the television show Westworld. Instead what I got: A very bland visual experience. I mean the set pieces was in no way intriguing nor exciting at all, I guess the city being shown underwater was fine, but everything else within this world… There’s really nothing, it’s disappointing on a world building scale, especially for a theatrical release.

From a narrative perspective it was dreadfully boring, as it’s all thanks to our romantic pair Nick and Mae (Rebecca Ferguson). The romantic side of this story was pretty basic, but the most problematic thing about it was when we learn more about Mae as a character… I tend to question why Nick still somehow loves this woman?! I mean when you learn about who she is and what she does to Nick, you come to realize she’s nothing but a awful person, other than doing one good deed in the finale. I didn’t care about this romantic pair and I think Nick is a damn fool for feeling this woman finally gave him purpose.

Everything else going on I could care less, it was just so boring as you sometimes question what is exactly is going on within the criminals?! What was the importance of this small child, that his safety is important to the plot?! I felt like I didn’t know what was going on half of the time, but was somehow involved with Mae so I guess it was justified?! Action was pretty bland as well, which I was surprised because I thought this was going to be like a Blade Runner ordeal, which was NOWHERE NEAR Blade Runner. I wish the narrative cared to explain how exactly did Miami came to be partially underwater, especially this so called “War”. I understand that this war must’ve been caused by Climate Change, however I would like a care explanation just how they came up with this, would’ve been much more entertaining than watching Nick whining about Mae for a good hour of the run time.

I can see why Reminiscence bombed so hard at the box office: There’s literally nothing to offer for anybody. I don’t even know why this is considered “Sci-Fi”, other than the machinery there’s nothing unique nor cool about this world.

Overall, Reminiscence was a bad film. I don’t recommend this film at all, definitely a snooze fest for sure. -Mitch Smietana

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