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Redeeming Love; Grade: D+

Redeeming Love takes place around the 1800’s, where there was a prostitute by the name of Angel (Abigail Cowen). Angel’s journey into being forced to prostitution is quite a saddening and disturbing one indeed, as Angel completely lost touch within herself as she feels in-prison. Angel is the top paid prostitute, because of the high demand the town would have a lottery in order to win a chance to get in bed with her. One random day as Angel walks around town, she’s spotted by a farmer named Michael (Tom Lewis) whom caught love at first sight as he wants to marry her. Michael gets the chance to make his way to Angels bedroom, but he’s not there for sex at all, in fact Michael sees her as a human being, wanting to converse with her and convince her to not only marry her, but to leave this place behind as it brought a great amount of damage to her life. Michael would later on secure this opportunity to take Angel from the brothel, however Angel still not on board with loving with the farmer.

We’re at the end of the work week, after a long day with about five hours of sleep, as we’re attending a major film festival tomorrow… Let’s get this review out of the way, so I can get the sleep I need for this festival (Cleary this review was written 1/21/22).

Redeeming Love from the looks of the poster: I assumed it was a traditional chick flick, as how I can ever say no to a chick flick?! Chick flicks are educational type of films, as it teaches the male gender how to be a better lover towards women, therefore these are essential films. Redeeming Love was a film… That caught me off guard. The 1800’s ordeal was unexpected, not to mention the plot itself was also unexpected, so I was not expecting this kind of story that looks like a traditional chick flick. Redeeming Love is kind of a chick flick, a period piece drama, but also a hint of a Christian film… It’s very odd, as I felt this film was meh.

You know how some people cry and complain about the character Jenny from Forrest Gump, as people think she’s an awful person and an awful romantic companion?! Well I would like to tell those same people… Wait until you meet Angel in this film, I mean this character is extremely unlikable. We understand Angel’s past and how she’s well acquainted with the idea of being misused as an object and especially feeling abuse is acceptable. However: The more time we have with this character, the more time we’re baffled by her.

I can understand the first go around of Angel leaving Michael behind, but the second go around considering what happened the first time around and not to mention knowing the antagonist is out there looking for her to pimp her out again and likely abuse her again… I mean are you a special kind of stupid?! Not only are you potentially putting your life in danger, by why leave a man that treats you like a queen, provides you safety and security for your well being?! One will argue that she feels he deserves better than her, however how about you work with him on feeling you deserve a better life with one whom is loving and forgiving, instead of potentially putting yourself in danger again?! Michael is convinced he loves you despite your past, so just let it be and stop being an idiot.

What also killed Redeeming Love for me is pacing and run time. The film feels quite slow, as I was consistently bored by it, it’s not even due to the cliches it’s more so with the story as it was just not really interesting to me. The run time felt a bit too long for me, initially I thought this film was an hour and forty, but surprisingly enough it’s another half hour longer and it did felt a bit too long for me too.

I guess the one positive thing I can say about Redeeming Love is I like the messaging of forgiveness and how one should be consistent with love through and through. Like a man like Michael doesn’t come often, where one is purely flawed like Angel as it’s hard to imagine one not being so judgmental to the point where no one can love her. But the thing is: It really doesn’t matter what kind of past or reputation you have, one whom loves you will surely be consistent to not only make you feel special, but to also achieve in your true potential they see you to where you feel whole, the way they feel whole in loving you. So I guess that aspect within itself was done fairly fine, I did enjoy the character Michael as he succeeded in educational purposes for the male gender.

Overall, Redeeming Love was eh. I don’t recommend this film, for all the couples out there skip this one as this is not a good first date or date kind of movie. I held my urine for Redeeming Love for the last ten minutes, so they can appreciate my effort made to finish this film from start to finish. Well it’s almost time for Sundance Film Festival, I shall discuss a chunk of films for the next five days… This is fun. -Mitch Smietana

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