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Ready or Not A Fine Game of Medieval Hide n Seek Grade: C+

Source: IMDB

Ready or Not tells a story about a newly wed couple Grace (Samara Weaving) and Alex (Mark O’Brien), playing a killer game of hide and seek with Alex’s family. Can Grace survive this deadly game?! The Cinematography was fine, I felt it shined the most due to the set design inside this rich mansion. The Score was fine as well, I really enjoyed that Hide n Seek theme song in the beginning... That was cool. The cast of this film surprisingly not bad, sure one or two performances were meh, but their saved by the well written comedy material this film offers. Samara Weaving played a pretty good performance as the bride Grace, only flaw I have for her was her screaming... Sounded like she was swinging from vine to vine in the jungle. Daniel played by Adam Brody was good and my favorite character, I like how he’s a sarcastic drunk asshole, who really doesn’t care for his family’s values but participates anyways?! Alex played by Mark O’Brien was fine, this character as written has some issues. I guess in a way it works... But the film really doesn’t make it interesting enough, where the twist at the end is not even remotely exciting or shocking for one second. I was looking forward to Ready or Not, a killer game of Hide and Seek?! Sounds like fun to me. I felt it was funny, somewhat entertaining especially in the third act... However this left me kind of disappointed. My main issue with this film is within the first five minutes: I don’t like how it’s set up. I rather have Alex not know about his family’s tradition, when it came to someone now joining the family, that way it could be more exciting because now you have two characters not knowing what the hell is going on. I just didn’t understand this set up, of Alex wanting to get married to Grace at his family’s mansion, knowing there is a chance she maybe killed as he is worried for her safety. Like why didn’t you arrange a private wedding?! Hide your marriage from your family, the film claims Alex has lost touch with his family, you can easily keep living your life the way you want without seeing them again, as you don’t agree with their views. I mean before the wedding Alex keeps asking Grace “Are you sure you want to get married? Are you sure? Are you sure?” I mean if you’re worried about her safety, either never get married or get married privately away from this family. I would’ve like to see how Alex gave in, to come back in contact with his family, it’s just weird he had a traumatic past yet all is cool out of thin air. The jump scares... Oh boy they are annoying in this film. I can’t stand hearing a loud sound, when someone is touching someone or is opening door... Stop it’s obnoxious. I believe this film is saved by it’s comedy material and it’s entertaining third act. The film has some clever fun refreshing jokes, I was surprised how much quality is in these jokes. The third act becomes a blood bath, it’s a bizarre ending... But it was entertaining to watch. Ready or Not could’ve been easily a great entertaining horror flick, but due to the set up as it becomes predictable when the twist comes into play... It just becomes a perfectly watchable film. Overall, Ready or Not is an average horror flick. I’d wait for rental, it’s comparable to a couple of streaming horror films I’ve seen earlier this year. -Mitch Smietana

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