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Queen and Slim A Great On the Run Story and Certainly a Classic in the Making Grade: B+

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Queen and Slim tells a story of a first date gone wrong. Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) and Slim (Daniel Kaluuya) were having a nice simple first date, things may not escalate to a second date, but it seemed they were having a nice chill night. Then all of a sudden a cop pulls them over and gives them a rough time. Things get out of hand during a routine stop, over failing to make a turn signal. The cop was clearly corrupt by all the questions and requests he gave to Slim, but all of a sudden while Slim told the cop to hurry up because it’s freezing outside... The cop pulls out a gun. The cop shoots Queen, which causes Slim to go after the cop in self defense, and kills the cop. Now Queen and Slim are on the run together, as the most wanted criminals. One of the films biggest strengths is certainly the Cinematography.... This is a beautifully shot film. It truly captures that 1970’s picture and vibe to it, that film maker really wanted the film to have and Melina delivered big time. Definitely a film you can put on mute and still be able to appreciate watching it start to finish, lovely looking film. The Score of this film was solid, but is carried by a nearly flawless soundtrack. The Soundtrack really is a highlight for me, due to the fact almost every song played in this film was so damn good and used appropriately in scenes. The cast of this film all in all was really good as a whole. Daniel Kaluuya played another really good performance as Slim, may not be his best performance of his career, but is certainly yet another strong performance from him. Really enjoyed the character Slim, a good and honest man whom respects the law, but when it came to his date... All rules had to be broken, as he must protect his woman. It felt like he was becoming a brand new character over time, may not be more ruthless, but he starting to take risks with his life that he normally would never do. Queen played by Jodie Turner-Smith was pretty good as well in her performance, both her and Daniel together on screen was totally bad ass, with great chemistry. Sometimes you don’t agree with Queen’s choice making, but can understand why she came about to these decisions due to the circumstances of her and Slims situation. I also enjoyed the fact Queen had an arc over time, while on the run with Slim. She became more open to love over time with Slim, as normally she would rather be alone and not bothered. I know being in this situation is a bit extreme for one to become a different person... But for what it’s worth, it was actually pretty nice to see her blossomed into the unconditional lover that she always could be, once she opened up. I enjoyed some supporting characters in this film, some provided nice dramatic moments while delivering a strong message, and some whom provided the film with solid comedic material... Which I’m surprised this film did had it’s comedic moments. Couple flaws to discuss with Queen and Slim. Some of the film dragged at times, more towards the third act. Earlier I discuss choice making that wasn’t smart, but can understand why the choices were made due to the circumstances of the situation... But I can’t help to think how stupid Slim’s choice made at a gas station, was profoundly stupid as hell. No way would I ever do what he did, you gotta be a complete moron to attempt what he did at that gas station. I get he secured gas, but still really?! Fire some warning shots... Ugh. I found this one scene to be unnecessarily corny as hell. It has a set up and pay off, but how it was executed just made me laugh because it was just corny to me. When I saw my good friend Mihran gave this film four and a half stars, I raised my eye brows. It became a big surprise to me, the highest I think this film could receive out of me would certainly be three and a half. Well Mr. Mihran was certainly on point... I found Queen and Slim to be a big surprise for me, I really enjoyed the living hell out of this film. With a lovely 70’s picture, great music, and dope performances... You also have a solid written story that keeps you engaged majority of the run time, start to finish. I also enjoyed that this film offered more than just an drama. This film pulls off some comedic moments that were surprisingly really good, like I laughed a fair amount in this film in a good way. I expected one wouldn’t try to attempt comedy in this film, due to the genre and subject matter of the story. But the film maker wanted to provided more variety and certainly help the audience get a breath of fresh air every once in awhile, as it certainly paid off. You can also look at this film as a romance film as well. It seems odd to watch two significant others improve their relationship over this situation, but then again what if at some point these two may die?! They might as well get more acquainted together and hope to see sparks fly, certainly sparks did fly with these two... I mean that sex scene... Fifty Shades take some notes why don’t ya. Now I will say the ending of this film was kind of predictable, like I did see it coming. But for some reason.... I loved the ending because it was impactful and ended this film on a high note. Maybe because at one certain moment I was shocked this occurrence happened, like I jumped out of my seat because damn.... That came out of nowhere. The entire ending left me just in complete sorrow in my seat in a good way. Queen and Slim earns a four star rating because I can see myself rewatching in the near future, in a way it would be considered a classic. Loved the vibe, loved the music, and certainly really really enjoyed the story and characters.... Just a really cool film. Overall, Queen and Slim is a great film. I highly recommend this film, definitely an experience worth seeking out to in a theater absolutely. My dear apologies to Mihran for doubting you... That Aladdin (2019) rating had me fooled aha love ya G. -Mitch Smietana

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