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Profile; At Least it’s not Zoom? Grade: D+

Profile tells a story about an under cover journalist named Amy (Valene Kane), whom embarks on a risky task of taking down one in charge of a terrorist group Bilel (Shazad Latif). Amy tries to lure in Bilel, by Muslim traditions and tries to develop a emotional like connection with Bilel. Witness a courageous woman take down one dangerous person.

Since we've seen films in the past partaking amongst a computer screen such as Unfriended and Searching, there is hardly anything to give much notice when it comes to the visual standpoint of this film. Visually it felt extremely dull, like there's not a single shot worth talking about, although one thing I will give a compliment regarding visual speaking is it's not done on a Zoom Call... I still have nightmares partaking Locked Down and those horrendous Zoom Call scenes. The Score was completely forgettable, sound track selection was not compelling at all.

I will say the cast was solid at least. Valene Kane playing Amy had a solid performance and quite frankly the best performance in this film. However regarding the character Amy... I have many problems with this character. First off: The whole relationship drama with Amy's boyfriend was just annoying and also how it was written was pretty stupid. Amy's boyfriend is a responsible hard working adult, that does love Amy dearly. Yet Amy somewhat gets insulted by him, because he said they should cut back on going to out to eat to save money and also not taking fond of her idea of sending a half naked pic in the middle of a board meeting?! Is this woman in high school?!

I wasn't convinced Amy was at all emotionally attached to Bilel by the slightest. Like when she cried about him or shared a deep moment about her mother, I'm confused as to how it all lead up to those moments, due to the fact they don't really have much of a connection with each other. The only thing I can think of is their both from London and they both weren't financially stable in London... Ok?! That's not really much of a developed connection, to the point where you're sharing deep information or sharing emotion for someone. It's really hard for me to be convinced, that Amy genuinely cared about this guy, as he gloats about murdering like 20+ people at one moment in the film, like I don't buy it.

Shazad Latif playing Bilel also had a solid performance. As the character Bilel I did believed in his interest for Amy, it almost as if Bilel was partaking in someone that could understand him and can engage in meaningful conversations with. My main issue with Bilel would be to how naive he is, regarding that he doesn't notice Amy's loud typing while on face time with her. Like those Apple Mac Board keyboards are so loud, like how can Bilel not noticed when she's typing all the damn time?! Like he never asks whom she's texting like once.

Apparently Profile was released in a film festival back in 2018, as it was shelved for quite some time, making it's way for an official release. You can clearly tell it felt like it was made way back when, as this film felt outdated, and quite honestly compared to the likes of Unfriended and Searching... BOI WAS THIS WEAK.

Profile was kind of unbearable to sit through, as it was honestly boring for a great amount of the run time. It's strange that this is listed as a thriller/mystery, because this honestly never felt like a mystery nor even a thriller at all. It's mostly a drama and quite a boring drama, as you're witnessing this journalist trying to gather information from this dangerous man. It honestly felt like it was building and building up to something epic, but it never reaches there and when it potentially tries to lead to something epic... The film just abruptly ends.

It's also worth noting when this film cuts away from Amy and Bilel conversing, it's honestly quite baffling to sit through. Especially when Amy's boyfriend gets mad at Amy at one point near the third act. Like here I am giving props to this dude and how Amy is just ungrateful, then this prick gets mad at her because she went "Too Far", regarding trying to lure this man in so they catch this guy... Like dude are you that stupid?! Who cares about your self needs, you know damn well this is part of her job and nothing she says to this guy is real, so why are you crying for?! It does feel as if Profile was released in a time period, where everyone has been over this type of style. The concept itself sounded cool on paper, but as the end result was underwhelming.

Overall, Profile was crap. I don't recommend this film, if you want a thriller or mystery executed properly, of course run to Searching. -Mitch Smietana

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