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Prey for the Devil; Grade: D+

Prey for the Devil tells a story about a nun named Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) is stationed at a medical facility, for those whom have been possessed with demonic spirits. Sister Ann hopes to be trained to perform an Exorcism, as it’s frown upon for women to do so as it’s mostly helmed by men. Sister Ann however one occurrence, was able to slow down a demonic spirit controlling a small child by the name of Natalie (Posy Taylor). Since Sister Ann was able to handle an uncontrollable circumstance with a demonic spirit: She has been welcomed to attend classes, as she hopes to be able to perform an exorcism in due time. Hopefully Sister Ann will learn quickly, as there is a demonic spirit ready to strike forces that has ties with Sister Ann’s past demons of her own. 

Halloween weekend is upon us, as what better way to spend it by watching an exorcism kind of horror film we’ve seen about a thousand times already?! 

I will say: I like the whole concept of Prey for the Devil, in terms of the film taking place in a facility specializing those whom have been possessed in little ole Boston, Massachusetts. I didn’t even know facilities like this even exist, as it makes way into creating a truly horrific atmosphere delivering an unsettling experience. The story isn’t half bad as well, I felt as a narrative there were significant moral purpose of why our main character wanted to pursue in performing exorcisms, as we then learn a great deal of her past which is the key to defeating the demon at hand.

My main flaw for Prey for the Devil is the horror aspect and pacing as well. The horror aspect of the film is extremely weak, catered around cheap jump scares but it also doesn’t elevate itself to the disturbing nature you would hope this film would take itself. For a film that’s centered around a facility filled with those being possessed by a demonic spirit, the atmosphere should be a bit more unsettling but unfortunately the film doesn’t utilize this setting to it’s full advantage, leaving you unsatisfied as a whole.

Pacing can be a drag here and there, as even the grand finale felt extremely glossed over. I felt the film as a whole though the narrative wasn’t half bad on paper while generating a terrifying setting at hand, was unfortunately a dull experience as I was left quite bored as a whole. There is a glimpse in the beginning, where Sister Ann encounters a demonic spirit amongst an older patient, as the demon grabbed her and started to dance around. I was hoping the film would commit into being a truly bizarre entertaining yet terrifying experience like that sequence, but after that… It felt like the usual exorcism kind of experience we’ve seen a thousand times over.

The final shot…. Really?! Extremely cringeworthy, not to mention it doesn’t fit the tone of this story at all so it comes off unbearably goofy.

Overall, Prey for the Devil was meh. I don’t recommend checking this one out, the most entertaining part of this experience was an elderly man telling a few loud obnoxious teenagers to shut the fuck up… Praise the Elderly. -Mitch Smietana

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