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Polaroid Quick View Well Now I Can Understand Why This Has Been Shelved For So Long Grade: D

Source: IMDB

In summer of 2017, the theaters brought us a new horror trailer about a haunted camera called Polaroid. The film didn’t look too good, but heck I thought the concept was cool so I was looking forward to it’s release... Then it got delayed several times. How many times did the release of Polaroid got pushed back you say?! Well the film maker behind this Lars Klevberg second feature film Child’s Play (2019) was released before this film... That’s insane. But finally two years of waiting, Polaroid got shipped out to streaming services. Polaroid tells a story about a haunted 1970’s Polaroid camera. When you take a picture, a shadow appears in the picture, anything in the picture can be used in either self harm or an entity comes and murders one whom is in the picture. How can one stop a haunted camera?! Well we’re about to find out!! So originally this was based off Lars short film Polaroid. You can tell by the opening, this could be a cool short film as the looks from the ratings on Letterboxd, it was. I did think the opening sets up the film nicely, only issue I have is this sound the entity makes which I will discuss more later. I liked a couple other ideas from this film. I like that whomever is in any of the photographs taken from the Polaroid, that they could be in danger. Like one character suggest burning the picture, but then one whom was in the photograph started to light on fire... That was honestly clever. Oh I almost forgot: I liked the split in half death scene, that was awesome! That’s where the compliments end... Polaroid is not good. The Cinematography was atrocious, you can barely make of anything in this film, it’s way too dark. The Score was forgettable, I also did not like the soundtrack selections at all. The cast in this film was brutal, weak performances by every cast member hands down. I think the characters would’ve been more likable, if whomever wrote the script actually understand bullying in high school. Like our main character Bird (Kathryn Prescott)... First of all that name, really?! You couldn’t come up with something else?! Anyways my problem is this character gets made fun of, for wearing a scarf, the kids tease her by calling her “Scarf Girl”. First of all: Bird is in high school, she’s a teenager. The fact being called “Scarf Girl” bothers her, is very weak. I related with this character unfortunately, when the camera lady at picture day called me “Yellow shirt”... The difference is I was in elementary school, Bird is a grown woman in high school, who cares if kids call her Scarf Girl. Second of all kids in high school don’t care if you wear a scarf all day, that’s just reality. But the thing that drives me insane about the bullies picking on Bird the most, for wearing a scarf... THE FILM TAKES PLACE IN WINTER!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I thought the film took place around spring or summer time, where if you wear scarf during those seasons then ok I get the teasing.... But she’s wearing a scarf when it’s snowy and freezing outside, I’m sure everyone would recommend her wearing that scarf and not bother her one bit. I mean comon man, that’s simple logic. Also kids in high school don’t bully someone for taking pictures too. I felt if you would’ve develop a reason why kids would bully that young girl, for taking many pictures. Say if they appear looking like a stalker taking pictures, then yeah sure... But the film just makes these bullies bully her, for enjoying taking pictures... The lack of development is ridiculous. Let’s talk about the dialogue... It’s atrocious. The writers behind this film have no idea how high school kids talk at all. One point in the film Bird says, “Did you know Bae means Poop in Danish”??!!? What the hell was that?! Don’t believe me, why not check out the scene, where Bird is explaining the pictures are cursed, as one character replies in words you can’t even understand... Great job in leaving that scene in! The horror element in this film was pretty weak. Listen I like the concept and it could be a fun film, but the entity looks and sounds horrendous. Anytime the entity makes that God awful sound, I laugh because it sounds like an old man on his death bed, it doesn’t sound scary nor imitating whatsoever. The film cuts away from the scares too quickly, as none of the death scenes impact you or cause you to feel any fear. I don’t like the design of this entity either, it looks bad. The story itself felt underwhelming for the most part. I thought the backstory of the entity was crap, it could’ve been something good but it turned out to be rushed. Even when the plot twist of the backstory hits, it basically made no sense, you can tell that it was rushed as well. The way this film concludes is so damn corny as well. There was no reason to have that scene as your final shot, it was ridiculously lame. I felt Polaroid would’ve worked best as a short, than a feature length film. But don’t get me wrong: You can actually make an entertaining average film out of this, it just needed to be developed more and not be rushed. But I will say that I’m happy Lars Klevberg got another opportunity to prove himself as a film maker. You can tell despite this film not ending up as a good film, that there was potential in him as there was a couple cool ideas. Happy he got given another chance, as Child’s Play (2019) turned out to be a success. Overall, Polaroid was a bad horror film. I don’t recommend this film, only people whom have waited years to see this film should check it out, just to end their curiosity. -Mitch Smietana

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