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Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Yay Pokemon, Boo Humans! Grade: B

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I feel like we're in the 90's again, as I talk about this movie based off the famous card game, as well known for their cartoon show as well. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu tells a story of a young man named Tim (Justice Smith), as a young kid that wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, but settled for insurance instead... As he claims. Tim's father had "passed away", although no body was found, it would be a miracle for his father to survive the epic car crash he was involved in. That's where Tim's Pokemon Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) comes to play, as Tim and Pikachu put their minds to the test and solve the mystery of Tim's father's disappearance. Ah where do I start?! I felt this film was a visually stunning looking film, the Cinematography was colorful as well as the visual effects were wonderful. They did a good job bringing these Pokemon creatures to life I must say, the strongest thing going for this film most definitely. Truly brings the kid out of you if you're familiar with Pokemon, from Pikachu, to the Duck character, to Charzard... They looked terrific. The Score I felt was fine, did some nice things but honestly forgot about it. The cast... Oh God certainly not the best I shall say. A couple years ago, I traded in my games in at GameStop, so I can get some cash... I was only allowed store credit, those bastards. Anyways on their little TV, it was shown on an announcement Ryan Reynolds was going to play Pikachu, me and the store clerk were looking at each other confused, as we have no idea how the hell is that going to work?! Pikachu says only two words?! Well they made it work, due to how they were going to present Pikachu in this film, Ryan Reynolds of course stole the show, he was pretty good as Pikachu. His voice acting was truly playful, filled with a solid sense of humor, he was a pure joy to watch. Ken Wantanbe had a small role as a cop, he had a solid performance, very convincing. Justice Smith the insurance man himself... This performance was terrible. You can make an excuse that his character was poorly written, honestly nobody cared about this character, I have no idea why they gave him a title of working in insurance because it never comes back once into play. He struggled to deliver lines in so many scenes, whether it being happy, sad, angry, concern, curious... He's just awful. I couldn't help but laugh at some of the scenes he's in, because he's just terrible that it's funny. I mean opening scene of Tim meeting Lucy (Kathryn Newton), was just an awful scene, that I lost control of myself as I cried laughing, like sheesh it's just terrible. I can make so many complaints on how bad these performances are, but I'm just going to say Justice Smith is definitely the cream of the crop of bad acting and leave it at that. So I kind of grew up watching the old cartoon show Pokemon, as I've seen a couple of their featured animated films, I don't remember much of them to be honest. I didn't care for the card game, Yu Gi Oh was more of my game, but yes I'm kind of familiar with this source material. Now here's a film, in which the viewer can go into two directions: Either you enjoy it's stupidity or you hate it's stupidity, there is no way around it. Pokemon is an over exaggerated cartoon, it's an extremely corny product with bad writing, so it's no surprise this film's story and dialogue is so bad. When Mew Two was explaining to a character in the end, I kid you not the dialogue sounded like it came from a 3 year old, I burst out laughing at the entire thing, there are so many moments of terrible dialogue. Things happen in the story, where things happen without a cause, also a long duration of a scene is taken place when it could be solved in a couple minutes. Tim and Lucy meet at a local cafe bar, Lucy tells him to not be suspicious so they talk away from each other... Then a minute later, she sits at the table... Why didn't you do that in the first place? Why did you sit away from him? Some of the stuff that happens makes no sense at all, as you can't help but laugh at the stupidity of this film. Can anyone explain, why the bad guys captured the Pokemon they were searching for, but not capture the people that are trying to stop the bad guys?! Like they let them get away, why? It's so dumb. So you're probably wondering: Why did I give this movie a good grade?! Two things come to mind. First it being accurate towards the source material. It's a freaking over exaggerated anime cartoon show, what do you expect?! Characters are going act like cartoon characters, they are going deliver terrible dialogue, they are going over react in scenes, it's an accurate portrayal just how bizarre this damn thing is. Lastly it's a guilty pleasure, those that like this movie because it's good are full of it. At times my mind attempted to nit pick this movie, but the other side of my mind told my mind to shut up and enjoy the stupidity. I laughed a great amount of times in this film, whether it be intentional laughter and especially unintentional laughter, I had a fun time laughing at this load of crap. I just enjoyed myself watching this, I was just entertained. I blame Mew Two for enjoying the epic finale, Mew Two has always been a bad ass and I used to play with him all the time in Super Smash Bros, he just makes things exciting. Listen: I can understand anyone hating this movie, it's stupid as hell. But for me: I enjoyed it for what it is and was accurate towards the source material, it's just a fun guilty pleasure and I can see myself revisit it in the future. Overall, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is a solid guilty pleasure. I recommend it for the wrong reasons, if you want to laugh your ass off while also having something nice to see, go for it man have fun! -Mitch Smietana

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