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Point Blank Quick View Point Blank: Just Watch the Original Instead Grade: D

Source: IMDB

Point Blank tells a story of a nurse Paul (Anthony Mackie) whom is hyped for his future, soon to be promoted a doctor and a baby on the way. However while Paul was treating a patient, a masked intruder comes out of nowhere and jumps him as he took his nurse badge... For whatever reason. When Paul came home, he gets jump again, only they kidnap his wife. Paul is ordered to have Abe (Frank Grillo) release from the hospital, so they can make a trade requiring a flash drive, exposing corrupt cops. Point Blank is actually remake, I discovered the original has been given a great amount of praise... So why have another one that goes straight to streaming?! Who knows, I don't make the rules. Point Blank reminded me of one of those Nick Cage straight to video films, where he has to do them in order to pay off his debt. On the bright side: It's a better written script than those films, but unlike the Nick Cage films there's barely any sort of enjoyment I got out of this. I dislike The Cinematography in this film, it was an ugly looking film, I liked one shot in blue lighting before the car wash scene. So whenever Abe's brother got a text message, I noticed the text message was delivered in quotation marks... Why?! Just have a regular all caps text, what are the quotation marks for?! An unknown contact text's Paul at the end, but the number reads "Unknown" as in the real world, the number is actually shown... I know this is a nitpick, but I don't understand why they can't get simple phone logic done right. There's a scene, where Abe and Paul talk at a car wash, suddenly captions pop up, but I can clearly hear what they're saying so I don't understand this choice at all. The performances were below mediocrity, besides Frank Grillo, Anthony Mackie, and a random head of a gang, whom happens to be a cinephile (Best character easily), the rest was eh for the most part. Especially the corrupt police, every performance from each individual was horrible. The story felt like a jigsaw puzzle, I kept trying to puzzle in what was going on from beginning to end, the way it's structured confused the living hell out of me. I mean it's not a complicated story, but the way this film was told made it more complicated than it actually was. It made sense later on, as to why Abe and his brother made it hard for Paul, because he got "involved". But when Paul got Abe out, how come Abe just doesn't drive to where his brother and Paul's wife is at, so they can go their separate ways?! Also why did Abe gave Paul's car to a homeless man?! What the hell was that all about?! Majority of the action scenes sucked, poorly choreographed, stupid car chase scene after car chase scene, they really don't let up with the car chase scenes and have this film breathe a little. Overall, Point Blank was a bad mess of a movie. I don't recommend this film, just watch the original instead. -Mitch Smietana

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