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PeterLoo Quick View Unlike MamaMia 2, PeterLoo is not a Happy Musical Number Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Peterloo tells a historic event taken place in 1819 Manchester, England. Where the civilians in this country would like change as far as wages, opportunities for a better life, and change in politics as they were pro democracy. We go through the humble beginnings of how they form the epic finale of a peaceful protest, that would a horrific conclusion. I watched this film on a 4K TV, so The Cinematography looked great, great usage of dirty brown. My only issue would be a glare problem a couple occasions, kind of distracting while watching this film. The Score was solid, really enjoyed the music. The cast all around were solid, I don't see any issue with any cast member, they all put on well executed performances. Especially Rory Kinnear playing the role of Henry Hunt, great performance truly delivered in several scenes, including his epic speech within the first hour, completely bodied that scene. I've only watched one Mike Leigh film and that was Happy-Go-Lucky, great film check that one out if you haven't done so. I liked Peterloo, thought it was a well told accurate portrayal of the events that happened back in 1819. My issues with the film is it's length and scenes that dragged. For a two and a half hour film, you got to give it a reason for it to be this long, as long as it stays consistently interesting I have no problem with the length. However it just went on too long, I feel a good thirty minutes could be cut. Scenes dragged far on too long, as I just wanted the film to just get to the point of the scene it's telling, you can even say the ending could've been done quicker than just showing people standing around and talking. But Peterloo kept me invested for the most part, I was in tune in which how these civilians were going to try to pull off what looked impossible, as they were certainly close and had great ideas. The ending did broke me a little, I mean when the massacre begins... It's brutal, despite the PG-13 rating which in this case I would've liked it to be R, but it's still heartbreaking to watch. Overall, Peterloo was a solid film. I recommend this film, if you're not into historic films then sure skip it because you'll feel bored like you're in a history class in high school, but for me this actually worked well. -Mitch Smietana

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