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Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway; Grade: B

I've been waiting a whole damn year for this freaking movie to come out and let me just say... I'm happy, I'm genuinely happy we finally got our Peter Rabbit sequel. "But Mitch, you gave the first one a C+, why do you care about Peter Rabbit 2 so much?" Because I grew up with Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit has gave me fond memories of a time where I was at my happiest. Back in Elementary school I've read about Peter Rabbit, I've seen an actual play of Peter Rabbit on a field trip, and I've watched a cartoon on Peter Rabbit in school. Those days brought me a lot of joy in life and I cherish every damn minute of those days, so when it comes to Peter Rabbit... DAMN RIGHT I'M HYPED B A B Y!

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway continues the journey of our furry little rabbit Peter Rabbit (James Corden) and his furry little friends. Bea (Rose Byrne) owner of Peter Rabbit gets married to former archival of Peter Rabbit Mr. Thomas McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson), as they will endure on a ever lasting lifetime together in their lovely house and lovely garden. An opportunity has stroked on Bea, as her children's picture book inspired by Peter Rabbit and the animals maybe published, selling millions copies around the world. As Bea consulates with head of publishing Nigel (David Oyelowo) about plans of sequels of her book, Nigel has planned an image to make Peter Rabbit known as a Bad Seed for his character. Peter Rabbit feels misunderstood by that claim as he doesn't think he's a bad seed at all, however Mr. Thomas McGregor agrees, while Bea comes to terms with it later on witnessing a billboard of Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit then leaves and joins a gang, that have intentions to be BAD ANIMALS, as Peter feels this is where he may belong.

Before we start: Why is this film called Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway?! Peter Rabbit does leave his group behind, however he does return to them at the end of the day he took off, so Peter doesn't exactly runaway at all. Felt very misinformed I must say. Peter Rabbit may not be on par with the Paddington films, however I do believe with Peter Rabbit 2 does however improve from the previous film, as it captures some charm as I could see my younger self love this.

Peter Rabbit 2 holds up well as not only an entertaining and funny film, but also has a solid message to display. Peter Rabbit at times makes mistakes, however Peter Rabbit doesn't intentionally want to be making mistakes to anger people. As people and animals assume Peter Rabbit is a bad seed, Peter Rabbit does however try to do the right thing as sometimes he does appear to come up short. But as Peter continues to be criticized heavily, he feels the need to just give up on trying to do the right thing, as to be whatever they think of him because he believes he can't be more than that. In life people will make assumptions of you that you don't agree with, however you shouldn't let people have a full say on who you are. You could be whatever you want to be in life and not have to stoop down by those, who think less of you than what you really are. So this film does a simple yet effective job in displaying that message. Could it be done better?! Surely it can, however for a kid to understand it I felt it did it's job just fine.

Peter Rabbit 2 doesn't shy away from delivering entertainment, as there were some quite exhilarating moments in this film that were absolutely fun to watch. In some ways the comedic material in this film was good, but in some ways it also appeared a major flaw. I did quite laugh as the humor in this film does appear rather funny. However some of the humor can appear recycled quite often actually. They'll be some jokes within this film that were funny the first time around, however we see a few jokes reappear a second time as it's not as funny as the first time. Like the Rabbit eating Jelly Beans moment especially, of course experiencing this rabbit having sugar for the first time t'was funny and even cute. However when it was done for a second time around... I really don't understand why to even attempt doing this joke again?! We already experience her eating sugar, so we know what to expect so it can't possibly be funny this time around or offering something new to the table because it’s already been done before.

You can also say that some jokes were overly used and to some degree we're never funny the first time around. Peter Rabbit doing a weird voice saying "WHAAAAT" was rather stupid, like anytime that joke appeared I cringe, who let that joke run on for literally over 4 sequences?! I really did not like the Deer character at all, as the whole headlights joke was rather just rubbish to me. I would like to point out maybe the pacing and run time was kind of an issue. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this movie, however it just felt extremely fast as even a sequence here and there just started and went out of nowhere. Doesn't really give much time to breathe and fully develop, like I could potentially see another 30+ minutes being made. I enjoyed the special effects as the animals looked very good and convincing, only real issue regarding effects was what was done to Mr. Thomas McGregor as you can tell it looked unnatural and not convincing to the slightest.

Peter Rabbit 2 works for me well, it's entertaining, funny, fun, has meaning, and just a good time.

Overall, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out. I got what I wanted, but more importantly my childhood self got what he wanted... A Good Peter Rabbit movie, I can now experience joy in my life again. -Mitch Smietana

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