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Penguins: Lighthearted version of March of the Penguins t’was good Grade: B

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Source: IMDB

Disney Nature turns 10 years old believe it or not, I've had a yearly tradition with my father to watch their films due to the fact they landed near my father's birthday every year. Penguins is the newest edition of the Disney nature family, narrated by Ed Helms. In the Antarctic tells a story about an Adelie Penguin Steve. We go through behind the scenes look at the journey through the duty of an Adelie Penguin, through the eyes of Steve. How he builds his nest, how they lure and mate with female Penguins, laying and hatching eggs process, feeding the baby penguins, harsh weather conditions, handling predators and so on. The Cinematography was really stunning, especially watching in IMAX as it's dazzling to watch. Loved the shots of the Arctic, gorgeous looking film as it captures the beauty of this winter wonderland place and the horrors of the brutal winters as well. The shots of the animals whether it be the penguins, these hawk looking birds, killer whales, sea lions extremely cool to watch them all. It truly takes a whole lot of effort for these film makers to get all these shots done, applauds to them indeed. It only took me about a minute to figure out whom was narrating this film, as Ed Helms voice was pretty recognizable. At first I thought Ed Helms was about to display a poor narrating performance, but as it turns out: He was delightful at it. He did a fine job getting into character with the penguins as he took it seriously. There is times where he had to execute the comedic side of the difficult situations involving Steve the Penguin, as it was cute and even funny at times, simple goofy humor done well. He did make the film enjoyable to watch, so props to Helms. The flaw with Penguins is that it's formulated like the other Disney Nature films, which isn't a bad thing considering the fact they're all consistent. Sometimes you wish you would have something a bit different this time around, at times I seem to be losing interest while watching because some things aren't as interesting nor appealing to me. Penguins is still an enjoyable peaceful time at the theaters, the story is cute, the film making is amazing like always, adored the animals as well. Disney Nature goes through a long process with each and every film made, their efforts are always appreciated and these kind of films should be supported as it's going towards a worthy cause too. Overall, Penguins is a good film and another solid edition to the Disney Nature family. I recommend this film, enjoyable for adults and kids, while helping a worthy cause as well. -Mitch Smietana

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