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Paw Patrol: The Movie; Grade: C+

Paw Patrol: The Movie tells a story about a newly elected city mayor of Adventure City named Mayor Humdinger (Ron Pardo), whom has had a history of being a corrupt politician. Mayor Humdinger plots to destroy the city around him, including getting rid of libraries, museums, and dog parks, while also making irresponsible decisions such as messing with mother nature and amping up fireworks which will cause harm to the people of Adventure City. But have no fear: PAW PATROL is coming to Adventure City, as the trusted law enforcement/community service team is here to make sure the civilians of Adventure City is safe from that rotten no good mayor.

I've never watched Paw Patrol, however my best friend Lily from high school's son LOVES it. All I knew of Paw Patrol was it's clearly a kids show, teaching kids the value within law enforcement portrayed by cute little puppy dogs. I think that's pretty cool for a kids show, not only learning what measures these heroes go through to keep us safe, but also a great way to respect and love your law enforcement as well.

Paw Patrol: The Movie was kind of a surprise for me, I understand I'm not the person this film is targeting as an audience, this is clearly for really tiny children, however as a grown adult there is genuine likeness within this film that works even for adults as well. The plot within Paw Patrol: The Movie caught me off guard, I was not expecting this film to take aim at corrupt politicians whom tend to do more harm than good to the city or state their leading. As of last year: We've seen so many politicians getting exposed left and right, so this felt perfectly timed as most grown audiences are going to enjoy the humor this film has to offer, as it does poke fun at these pathetic politicians. Watching Mayor Humdinger and his antics felt so accurate to a lot of political leaders today, so I was having an absolute ball laughing hard watching this character.

The film for the most part is thoroughly entertaining, as for a little kids television show I wasn’t expecting the missions this law enforcement team would have to face would be life threatening situations. Like we've seen characters dangle off a street, fire works causing havoc including fire works coming right at people or a building caught on fire, or even a major storm that could wipe out an entire city... ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! I understand the missions can become rather repetitive, as they follow a simple formula, however I found majority of the missions to be entertaining, I thought the finale especially was pretty cool.

The film also teaches kids a valuable lessons with regards to courage and bravery, as you shouldn't let the fear of life get the best of you. The film does a simple yet effective job delivering that message with our Police Pup Chase (Iain Armitage), as a sad moment within his past prevents this pup from succeeding in these missions, as he lets fear take full control of him. As the film goes: Chase learns lessons along the way, as he becomes a stronger pup, as he doesn't let the fear of the big city get the best of him. Nice cute little message, even if when Chase finally gets over the hump maybe a little too over the top, but it works!

Honestly the biggest flaw within the film has to be the animation, as it's not necessarily terrible, it's worth noting it could use improvement. I feel it's more towards the humans/animals through their motion senses and how they operate as characters, I don't know it felt a bit too stick like as it didn't look natural as well. As far as the world of Paw Patrol: Pretty basic design, when compared to the likes of the worlds of Pixar, Disney, Dream Works... Doesn't come even close. Paw Patrol: The Movie had a purpose into providing an entertaining full length feature film for kids and have them learn a valuable lesson the way all kids shows should be intended, as I felt they fulfilled that purpose.

Overall, Paw Patrol: The Movie was enjoyably average. I recommend checking this one out, especially for families Mom, Dad, and their children are gonna have a nice time at the movies. -Mitch Smietana

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