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Parallel Mothers; Grade: B+

Parallel Mothers tells a story about two up and coming mothers Janis (Penelope Cruz) and Ana (Milena Smit) whom given birth to their own children on the same exact day. Janis although not with her partner anymore, decided to keep the baby as they both moved forward with their lives while remaining in contact and are good friends. While Ana no longer speaks to the father of her child, as she’s still a young mother dealing with the hardships of a mother occupied with her dream of becoming an actress. Janis and Ana will form an unexpected friendship, while uncovering secrets in which could prevent this friendship to go forward.

I really enjoyed Pedro Almodovar’s previous film Pain and Glory from 2019, as I was really looking forward to his follow up. Yet again: Pedro delivers yet another really good film with Parallel Mothers.

The message and meaning of the story from my own perspective, I felt it tied in extremely well regarding Ana and Janis’ situation, while also Janis’ other family situation involving uncovering her past relatives body from a war long ago. What I felt the film meant to me was any kind of lost or perhaps personal matter lost is significant no matter how small it means to the other party… I feel more clarification needs to be done on my part, however I feel if you watched this film you would understand what I’m trying to get at here.

The story as a hold was thoroughly engaging as the circumstances told kept the viewer fairly engaged, especially when the main conflict is presented within itself as you’re eager to see what’ll happen. If you ever had any worries about becoming a parent: This film will deliver two scenarios in which will make you terrified about becoming a parent, even on your first week even. Characters were well written as well: Even when the conflict plays no factor in a few sequences, as characters are just talking, discussing on Janis’ matter, or even the romance aspect especially… It still maintains to be interesting enough as you enjoy following along with these characters in this story. Worth to mention: This film’s trailer was made extremely well, as it didn’t give anything away as the viewer was at least given a proper experience.

I enjoyed the composed music in this film, especially the tune that plays in the trailer. Cinematography was solid as well, a fair amount of lovely shots in this film. Cast all around was pretty good as a whole, Penelope Cruz dazzles while Milena Smit was also superb in her role too, both had wonderful chemistry together. I felt flaws for me was the film does drag here and there, while the finale I wasn’t fully satisfied however the concluding text left on a solid note so at least there’s that.

Overall, Parallel Mothers was a pretty good film. I recommend checking this one out, I do expect Pedro to compete for an Oscar for Best International Film for this one yet again. -Mitch Smietana

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