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Ordinary Love; Liam and Lesley Bring Out Powerhouse Performances in this Romantic Drama. Grade: B+

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Ordinary Love tells a story of a beloved married couple Tom (Liam Neeson) and Joan (Lesley Manville), whom are living a pretty normal happy life, filled with laughter and nice long walks. Joan one night discovers that she felt a lump on her breast, as she wants to go to the hospital, just to be sure she’s ok. After the unusually painful checkup, Joan has tested positive for breast cancer as she has to go through surgery immediately and get chemo. Witness a difficult journey through the life of a couple going through the hardships of breast cancer.

The Cinematography t’was solid, nothing spectacular, but it was a solid looking film. The Score was solid as well, very elegant and classical music. The cast all in all was pretty good for the most part. Joan played by Lesley Manville played a great performance, at times this performance broke my heart at times. Watching this woman whom has a huge heart and is immensely strong, having to go through something horrific like breast cancer just tears me apart really. Tom played by Liam Neeson also had a great performance, I was surprised he nailed that Irish accent. Like Joan, your heart hurts for Tom as well watching his significant other go through this grueling process. Especially during the scene where Tom and Joan’s fish dies.... Whether be a normal gold fish or not, I don’t know how you don’t feel vulnerable watching this man break down. Liam and Lesley both have a great chemistry, you believe in their highs and lows, while also believing that their love for each other is real.

I do have a couple flaws for this film. Certainly this film feels similar to any other film, dealing with a loved one going through tragedy of cancer or any other medical disease. So where things are heading can seem to be predictable at times. Also there’s really not much tension as far as if you’re worried for Joan or not. No spoilers: But I just knew where things were going to end up for our main character, which is a little troubling because you should always feel uncertainty. Ordinary Love is what you call a real tear jerker of a romantic drama, this film is executed very well for the genre. The romance side of the film feels very real and not fictional at all. This is simply a loving couple, whom just over came a difficult part of their time, where things feel a little normal but don’t feel entirely complete as a whole, now encountering a new challenge in their way. The idea of losing Joan terrifies the living hell out of Tom, as basically the only thing that truly matters in his entire existence. The drama side of the film felt very impactful, while bringing out many emotions while watching like our main characters. You feel frustrated along with this couple, while also feeling completely empty along with them during this difficult time their facing. Script may not be entirely original, but is certainly well written and keeps you engaged and even has you become attach to these characters.

Overall, Ordinary Love is a pretty damn good romantic drama film. I highly recommend checking this one out. Due to circumstances of today’s world regarding health concerns, here at Strictly Films we would certainly not encourage others to put themselves in harms way over a film. Though this is a really good film, if you feel uncomfortable going out of your way to see it, by all means stay home, your safety and health is our top priority. I shall be making a statement in due time, schedule kind of busy schedule on my hands. Thank you for supporting Strictly Films, God Bless you all. -Mitch Smietana

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