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Notturno (NYFF 2020); Grade: B

Strictly Films welcomes you back to more coverage of this years New York Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Notturno.

Notturno is a documentary film that takes place, during the war torn community of the Middle East. We go through what modern day living is like for people in this country, as we also see adults and children reminisce towards the dark moments that had to face, from a terrorist group known as ISIS.

Notturno is a visually stunning film, that as well is haunting. The Middle East looks terrifying to live in, as there is barely much there, as people are living in such poor conditions. It really brings a reality check to those living in America, as the audacity people have the nerve to complain about anything as they’re living so lavish, meanwhile these people in this country and their living standards... Just saddening really.

Substance wise is subtle, as it’s more of encountering this brutal dark experience. One sequence that struck me the most emotionally, was hearing children reminisce the times they were abused and tortured by those of ISIS, as they drew pictures of these occurrences. Some of the information these children share, really hit a nerve on you when it comes to humanity, as how can anyone turn to this level of evil?! As the children explain: “There was no reason.” Honestly how can anyone come up with a reason?! Everything involved in those acts and how the Middle East is shaped up to be, was all pure evil and nothing else, as what they were trying to accomplish is nothing more than chaos and death. Visually stunning along with a moving emotional experience as well.

Overall, Notturno is a solid documentary film. I do recommend checking this one out, be warned to have tissues ready to go, as at times is truly devastating to watch. -Mitch Smietana

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