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Nobody; Grade: B

Nobody tells a story about a family man named Hutch (Bob Odenkirk), whom lives an everyday routine regular lifestyle. Hutch and his family encountered a burglary situation, as Hutch wasn't able to step up to the plate and stop the bulgars invading his home. Hutch receives disappointment from his family and worst of all... His daughter's kitty kat bracelet was stolen. Hutch takes matters in his own hands, as Hutch may appear as an average joe on the outside, but turns out he's had a history of being one bad brotha! Hutch was able to man handle the bulgars and man handle trespassers on a bus, whom were harassing a woman. Where Hutch gains toughness, Hutch will also gain new enemies along the way.

The Cinematography was fine, I guess the best shots were partaken during the karaoke bar scenes. The Score was honestly rock solid, I enjoyed the classical old school tracks that complimented the tone and vibe of this film. The cast all in all were solid as well. Bob Odenkirk playing this tough older gentleman was honestly pretty damn good, he excels in providing likeness and charisma this character must have in a story like this. I enjoyed how Hutch was not this flawless killing machine we've come to see in many action films like this in the past, Hutch certainly can kick ass but people can certainly kick his ass as well, so it makes the film have you guessing if he can make his way out of these dangerous situations, where it doesn't feel entirely predictable. I really enjoyed Christopher Lloyd in his small role as Hutch's father, I thought he delivered immensely in the third act, bringing some kick ass sequences and maybe the most hilarious scene in the entire film.

Couple issues I have with Nobody. There was one action sequence, in which was entirely skimmed, as I would've liked to have experience that entire sequence to be played out entirely. Though the antagonist of the film did deliver a couple goofy sequences and have some kind of motivation to take down Hutch, I also felt a little underwhelmed by the fact he can appear nuts and crazy for no apparent reason. I would also like to add along with the antagonist, the things going on with his involvement with some other company or corporation on the side felt unnecessary, like it didn't provide much of a moral purpose at all with the story.

My first impression when I saw the first commercial ad for Nobody, is I genuinely thought it wasn't a real movie... I thought it was another one of them over dramatic Taco Bell commercial we've been seeing as of lately. My expectations was kept fairly low, though it looked entirely goofy and stupid, who knows maybe it could be a surprise. Turns out... Nobody was actually enjoyable.

Like I said earlier: I like how our main protagonist is not entirely flawless, when it came down to dangerous situations, you have no idea if he would make it out alive. Sure he has special skills, however he's not superhuman, so majority of the sequences have you on the edge of your seat because you really don't know if he could handle majority of the situations he's currently in. The story may not be offering anything particularly new, however it's a cool goofy story in which people can relate to the main protagonist, regarding wanting a simple normal life instead of a busy hectic lifestyle. The action sequences were pretty gritty and surprisingly well done, choreography and stunt work was also a bit surprising. The comedy aspect of this film blends perfectly with the tone and action in this film as well, Bob and Lloyd deliver some good laughs in this film. As Regal theaters and theaters across the country are reopening, this is honestly a film in which should be seen on the big screen with people, it's an enjoyable time at the movies.

Overall, Nobody was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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