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New Order (AFI Fest 2020); Grade: B+

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Strictly Films welcomes to you to coverage of this years AFI Film Festival! Our first film on the block: New Order.

New Order tells a story about a happy wedding event taken place, as in the background a protests is going on outside of this wedding. A protest in which by no means is “Peaceful” as looting and violence endures in the streets. A long time friend/worker of this family, asks for money as he can pay his wife’s medical bills to take on a serious heart surgery. Bride to be Marianne (Naian Gonzalez Norvind) wants to do all she can to help her friend, so she flees away from the wedding, as she can attend to this man’s desperate need. Things turn to the very worst when Marianne left, including the protestors invading the wedding, as they steal from this household and shoot guests on sight. Plus Marianne later being captured and tortured in this gate like setting.

The Cinematography t’was cool, had some particularly intriguing choices including sequences in which consists on green paint. Not sure what the green paint meant, maybe it was a metaphor towards a green card, as to why those outside this country want to live in America so badly instead of where they’re at, as that’s how valuable a green card is. There are some effective disturbing imagery, including the dead body sequence in the beginning. The Score when presented was fine. I believed the cast as a whole did a solid job, enjoyed majority of the performances.

I do have flaws with New Order. I would’ve liked information as to why these protestors were “protesting” as they call it. There’s not really any information given why the public is so outrage for, but then again there is no legitimate reason for human beings to act like this, so I guess I understand. Ending was a bit of a mixed bag for me, some sequences didn’t quite add up.

T’was delighted to see the Neon Rated logo pop up in the beginning for the start of the festival. This is a film in which can get under the skin of those watching, as the events partaken in this film feels similar to what has been going on in America since end of May. Gets under the skin because you come to realize just how awful these actions, done by real human beings are, as the fact we excuse this behavior is disgusting. Hopefully this film will bring a reality check to viewers. A timely film indeed, as I felt this was an effective film that is intense.

The story at hand kept it rather simple, till we are introduced to conflict as the protestors make their way to this wedding. All hell breaks loose as it’s pretty intense going forward. The disturbing sequences when Marianne gets captured is extremely upsetting, as what they do to these individuals is in the likes of a monster. Though momentum maybe slowed down after the major riot is over, but still keeps it rather engaging as we try to find a way to bring Marianne and the rest of the people back home.

Overall, New Order was a pretty good film. I do recommend checking this one out, be warned though by the disturbing imagery that follows through with this experience. -Mitch Smietana

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