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Nasir (AFI Fest 2020); Grade: B

Strictly Films welcomes you back to more coverage of this years AFI Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Nasir.

Nasir tells a story about a middle aged street salesman in India named Nasir (Valavane Koumarane). We go through the life of a happy being, that belonged to the Islamic minority, as it’s a pleasant enjoyable experience... Until we reach an unfortunate conclusion.

I honestly wish I can discuss this as a Weekly Roundup as there is barely much to discuss, but not only is this a festival entry film, it’s worth noting people behind this film were very passionate in making. Plus it’s a story that’s relatable to some whom want to live a care free life, but due to ignorance and hatred they’re unable to do so, so more than happy to give it’s own full review the best way I can.

Nasir is a visually stunning film from it’s four by three aspect ratio, as the film truly captures the beauty and essence of this country. Definitely the biggest strength of this film by far, as it brings out a personality and experience towards the visuals. The Score when present t’was fairly enjoyable, did enjoy the songs in which consists of singing as I thought was very enjoyable as well. The cast all around did a really good job as a whole, all performances felt natural and authentic.

The vibe of Nasir can be relatable to the likes of Atlanta, where it follows a character’s day in life as it’s thin on plot, but it’s more towards the experience. Despite Nasir being thin on plot, I will say it was an enjoyable experience, that does speaks loudly on the message at hand dealing with the hardships of this country. In America we should all be extremely blessed in the fact we can openly believe in whatever we want, as we don’t have to fear in the fact there could be danger upon our way, like Nasir. Nasir was a simple good hearted man, whom lived a fairly normal life, and t’was loved by his family that held good working values. But since Nasir believed in something that was uncommon by the majority of this country’s people, at the very end he was punished for no apparent reason. I think what the film maker wanted to accomplish here, did it well as well as achieving a very lovely visual experience to compliment it as well.

Overall, Nasir was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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