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My Donkey, My Lover & I; Grade: B-

My Donkey, My Lover & I tells a story about a school teacher named Antoinette Lapouuge (Laure Calamy) whom is currently seeing her student’s father, whom is married. The child’s father is going on a weeks vacation with his wife and daughter, that’ll involve hiking and riding along a donkey. Antoinette didn’t feel like waiting a week to see her lover, so she figured… Why not surprise her lover, by crashing a family vacation?! Antoinette books herself a weeks vacation that also includes a six day hike, with a donkey as well.

Such a weird yet unique premise huh: A woman tempting to wreck a family’s vacation, just to see her lover for a bit. In the film’s defense: Love can make one do the most ridiculous things. Oddly enough I found this film to be quite cute.

Within Antoinette’s unexpected journey in terms of hiking with a donkey, the woman actually learned the true value of companionship in the right sense with her time with the donkey. Despite Antoinette being really pretty, kind, genuine, and as you can tell puts in effort to make the significant other happy… Her love history hasn’t been so high up. It’s been an absolute failure with pretty much every single guy she’s been with, as there hasn’t been that much luck in that area. 

With her current lover Vladimir (Benjamin Lavernhe) even though he’s currently betraying his wife, Antoinette hopes that he can beat all odds of past failed loves, as perhaps he can be the one. When one becomes completely delusional in their feelings of love for someone, you tend to believe in scenarios that aren’t exactly realistic. Like even if Vladimir leaves his wife, how sure that he’ll be a good faithful lover to you?! What makes him different from the past guys?

As Antoinette and Vladimir’s love falls apart, we soon learn that Antoinette will finally get what she actually deserves… A real companionship and that’s with Victor the Donkey. At first Antoinette would have a truly difficult time with handling the donkey, getting him to move along the trail. But as time moves forward, their relationship develops as soon enough Antoinette would have an actual real companionship that she’s been striving for ever so much.

Victor the Donkey returned the favor for Antoinette’s tenderness and care by being just a solid pal. Antoinette had one that would thoroughly listen to her problems, warn Antoinette if it feels a problem is likely to occur, or helping Antoinette when’s she feeling hurt through an injury as Victor helps ride her along the trial on his back. Sure this vacation didn’t go as planned for Antoinette, but at least with Victor the Donkey she learned what it’s actually like to have a real companion that likes her for her and cares for her, while not wanting selfish needs in return. The most important value: Securing a real relationship has to be received naturally, as it can be achieved by force.

It’s an odd but a delightful feel good tale, as it was simply adorable to watch Antoinette on this unexpected journey that really brought her the spiritual healing she surely needed. Plus the film has a solid sense of humor, that does deliver quite a few laugh out moments as well. This film has also offer some gorgeous nature shots as well.

Sometimes the pacing can slow the film down here and there, not to mention some days flow by way to quick to thinking did a day really just go by even?! I really don’t understand Vladimir’s wife’s thinking process, as when discovering Vladimir as a person, why exactly would you want to continue a relationship with someone so despicable?! I do get Vladimir’s needs as a person as one like his wife isn’t really able to fulfill, but regardless to go behind your back and repeatedly betray you is really terrible as that woman deserves better than that.

Overall, My Donkey, My Lover & I was a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this one out, I enjoy the wholesome and uniqueness of this film, it’s cute and different. -Mitch Smietana

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