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Murder Mystery Quick View Sandler and Aniston Are on a Boat, Solving Cases... Dope Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Murder Mystery is the latest Adam Sandler straight to Netflix comedy, taken place in Europe. A cop named Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) takes his wife Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) on their long awaited honeymoon tripe to Europe. A kind generous man Charles (Luke Evans) invites Audrey and Nick to come on his wealthy uncles Yacht. Unfortunately his uncle Malcolm (Terrance Stamp) is murdered, immediately after claiming he’s cutting off his family members from his fortune, as his Will claims all his money will be handed to his new lover. So now we have a murder mystery on our hands, as Nick and Audrey tries to solve the case. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston made a comedy film 8 years ago Just Go With It, I enjoyed that movie. It’s been awhile since Adam Sandler was in a good Adam Sandler goofy comedy style film, Meyerowitz is a damn good movie and I really enjoyed Hotel Transylvania 3, but those films are far different than the genre I’m talking about. I’m actually surprised in Murder Mystery, I thought this was enjoyable to watch. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston once again clicked solid chemistry together, it may not be Drew Barrymore level of chemistry, but hey 2/2 isn’t half bad I enjoyed then both. Performance wise they aren’t half bad, I liked their characters as they were fairly written, they felt like real people for a change. A couple characters in this film were slightly annoying, but at least one had a pay off so that’s fine. Surprisingly enough this film may look kind of cheap, but at least there were a couple memorable shots, where I can say the Cinematography was done just fine. I really enjoyed the library shot in the third act, it was a pretty good shot and I also enjoy the closing shot as the director paid homage towards what inspired this film. Regarding the cinematography where the film has commercial like shots with the boat, highlighting the yacht... It is what it is, but at least wasn’t obnoxious. The comedy material is hit or miss in this film, surprisingly enough some jokes actually clicked here, which I’m surprised because I haven’t gotten from in awhile, especially in this Netflix deal Sandler has been in. The jokes that missed surprisingly enough didn’t annoy or irritate the living hell out of me, like his past films normally do, which I can say despite the misses I can actually see a positive there. The story itself wasn’t half bad, we’ve seen murder mystery stories like this before, but at least this one kept me invested in what was going on and I was interested to see whom the murderer was. Even when the film looked like it was going to be predictable, it hits you with two plot twits, while I say the first was expected, the second however... Nicely done. The conflicts at times may feel cliche, but they work as to why Audrey feels frustrated at Nick, as why Nick feels disappointed in himself. For those that enjoy Adam Sandler comedy films, which I’m not a shamed to admit I do... This film felt like a fresh air, to those whom waited a great amount of time for a good ole fashion one we just haven’t seen in awhile. It has an actual fairly told story, comedy material works, good characters... It feels good to see actual work was put into this film, as it doesn’t feel like a completely lazy piece of crap for once. Overall, Murder Mystery was a good movie, I enjoyed it. I recommend this film, don’t expect to be wowed or anything, just go in and have fun with a movie that actually feels like a movie for once. -Mitch Smietana

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