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Mulan (2020) Quick View; Grade: D+

Another day, another year in which Disney puts out a Disney Live Action Remake, that’s less superior than the original animated film... When will they learn? We don’t need to provide the plot synopsis of this film, everyone knows what this is all about, we’ve all seen the 1998 film. Mulan (2020) really has made a lot of noise and not the good kind of noise you would like to hear. Whether it be people wanting to boycott Mulan (2020), as cast members shown support against the protestors out in Hong Kong, or whether it be pissing off Theatre owners as you pulled out from releasing it in theaters, as you instead released it on your streaming service for an outrageous $30 pricing fee... We know going in Disney lacked any sense of decency, but man I’ve never see a great amount of hate for a film release like this one.

Here’s the things I liked out of Mulan (2020). You know I appreciate the fact this is entirely different than the original film, as it’s not a shot for shot remake. While everyone would like to reminisce some classical musical numbers and classic delightful supporting characters such as Mushu and the Cricket. But hey at least we can honestly say that the film makers at least TRIED to put in some effort, to wanting to make their own version of Mulan. I liked the costume design, I thought majority of the costumes worn in this film were nice to look at. I guess some of the choreography regarding one training sequence scene and a battle sequence t’was cool.

Mulan (2020) may not be a flat out embarrassment and disgrace like Aladdin (2019) or The Lion King (2019) in which leaves you a bad taste in your mouth, however compared to the original and even as a film alone... It’s lousy. Tone wise: Mulan (2020) seems to struggle in trying to decide, whether to be a serious dramatic action film or a lighthearted comedy. Like the story will often be told in a serious fashion, but out of nowhere a character will act silly or a poorly written joke will be placed as you’re questioning... Why? I get that they are trying to cater to a younger audience, cater audiences whom are familiar with the silliness of the original... However it comes off bad as it doesn’t fit with the tone of this film at all. I say scratch the comedy aspect entirely and just be serious dramatic action film.

Not only did I not care for the entire cast of Mulan (2020), but it’s also worth discussing that characterization I found extremely bland or not developed at all. Especially from the supporting characters, as they become almost non existent in this film. It’s already been not even a full day, as I can’t remember the names of any of the supporting characters in this film... That’s how much of an impact they’ve made on this film. They’re unrecognizable, unfunny, completely blank of paper. I mean one of the main positives of the original is there are MANY memorable characters as they all contribute to some significance in the story, while here they’re just random faces that hold zero value as only Mulan (Yifei Liu) stands out. Oh I almost forgot: What the hell was that random Phoenix flying around randomly?! That gotta be the most unnecessary new addition in this film, like every now and then a weird bird flies around Mulan, as it’s suppose to mean something... I thought it was distracting.

Also found this film poorly edited. Especially in one sequence where Mulan is heading towards the evil army, yet she randomly pops up on the other side as she’s shooting arrows... How exactly did she get there?! From a story standpoint it was mediocre at best, felt reminiscent to The Great Wall. When you lack character development it feels almost impossible to be engage in the story your telling. It’s also worth noting how Mulan becomes a great warrior, is also underwhelming. Like in the original Mulan had to work harder, train harder than any of the men to become the best warrior, but in this film... Mulan just needs to stop hiding the fact that she is incredibly talented in Chi. Like I agree with Chris Stuckmann’s point of view on this: It provides not only a confusing message to young women, but it also provides a poor message as well. “How women succeed in any field they choose to where it’s far out of reach, can only be reached to those whom were born greatness from the start. As it can’t be achieved on just hard work, determination, or positivity alone”?! Ah Disney: You never fail to look like complete clowns.

I’m also kind of baffled by how Mulan is still hard on herself, after saving the emperor, saving the country, saving the villages from these diabolical enemies whom was determined to accomplish world domination and murder the emperor. Like I laughed when Mulan keeps feeling bad at the fact she disobeyed the ridiculous law, that women can’t go to war as they must honor her family, by being nothing more than a housewife... What the hell are you ashamed about?! The only thing you should be “Ashamed” about is everyone else, like tell these morons off instead of whining about how you brought shame to everyone, quit acting like a sissy this is embarrassing. The fact she has to feel some kind of guilt for saving everybody is pure stupidity. This is how women feel when they do incredibly nice things for men, but since the man wasn’t floored away by her gestures, she feels like a loser... Way to encourage this mentality Disney, bunch of bums. But even though this film is Lousy, I’m just going to say that I’m just happy it didn’t wreck my childhood, didn’t felt entirely useless, and especially didn’t have to suffer through another garbage shot for shot musical that no one asked for.

Overall, Mulan (2020) is crap. I don’t recommend this film. Wow this film released back in September, was released for rental early November, and guess what?! I didn’t give this film a single penny, I waited till it released on Disney Plus for Free, as I didn’t contribute to any of my dollars towards it... I feel like the Greatest Warrior in the universe! -Mitch Smietana

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