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Ms. Purple Chon Just Can’t Quite Deliver the Punch from his Previous Film Grade: C

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In 2017, Justin Chon caught film goers attention with his second featured length film Gook. Personally I felt it was not only a good film but also an impressive film as well. Loved the black and white style and the story telling was also enjoyable too, which made me had anticipation for Justin Chon’s newest film Ms. Purple. Ms. Purple tells a story about a sister Kasie (Tiffany Chu) and a brother Carey (Teddy Lee). Kasie works at a karaoke bar, providing drinks and giving guests a good time. Unfortunately for Kasie her father is sick as her care taker just quit her job. So now Kasie is desperate for a care taker, which is where her brother Carey comes into play, as he agrees to help Kasie. The two siblings reunite, as they reminisce the past and struggle through the present, as one can’t seem to let go when it’s time to let go. The Cinematography at times is stunning, there is many beautiful breathtaking shots in this film. One thing that truly bothered me was the film’s passion for the slow mo effect... It gets way too repetitive and doesn’t need to be displayed in many scenes. I enjoyed the Score in this film, lovely composed music that truly lets out it’s emotion in scenes. The cast was good as a whole. Tiffany Chu played a strong performance as Kasie, keep an eye on her in the future she surely shines on critical moments in this film. The character Kasie was a good character, you understand her current struggle where she works and doesn’t want to send her father to hospice care. It’s a character that struggles to let go, where she should be trying to move forward with her life, I feel all of us go through a time like this. Teddy Lee played a good performance as Carey. I would’ve liked more depth out of this character, the only thing I got out of him was he wasn’t close to his father and that he struggles with maintaining a job. Compared to Gook... Ms. Purple is a step down to that film. This film feels more of a style over substance film, I think Chon was trying to create a deep meaningful arthouse style film... But the problem is this film’s story wise is too simple, for what Chon is trying to achieve here. Sometimes it got rather annoying what he tries here, don’t get me wrong it’s not bad at all, it just didn’t work for me. The story itself is just ok at best, I understand our main character and their struggle, but it didn’t really elevated to my expectations. I appreciate the film being personal, but I just felt underwhelmed with the story telling as a whole. The film could’ve ended sooner, I do understand Chon stretched the end out so it can meet feature length time, that’s why there was a bit of a delay. I felt the best moment of the entire film is what happens with Kasie at the karaoke bar scene in Act 3. Very daring risk taking place here, I felt it paid off big time as it completed Kasie’s arc. She wasn’t going to stand by a life in which she was held by the past any longer, it worked very well. Overall, Ms. Purple was just ok. I’d wait for rental for this one. -Mitch Smietana

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