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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris; A Delightful Wholesome Film That’s Good for the Soul. Grade: B+

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris tells a story about woman named Ada Harris (Lesley Manville), whom is not only a reliable hard working cleaning lady, but is the most sweetest gal you’ll ever meet. Ada has been a widow for quite some time, as it feels her days of having dreams to are over. However one day while cleaning a woman’s house, Ada comes across a dress designed by Christian Dior. Ada now has a dream: To own a Christian Dior dress. Watch as a sweet old gal work her tail off to have enough funds to own this dress, while also going through some complications of receiving the dress as well.

Kyle Amato wrote a simple Letterboxd review, describing the film as Paddington’s Phantom Thread… Hit the nail on the coffin with that one. 2022 in cinema has quite a few titles to offer, in terms of the Feel Good category. You got Cha Cha Real Smooth, Brian and Charles, Jazz Fest A New Orleans Story, and most recently Marcel The Shell With Shoes On… You can simply add Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris in that category as well, as this film really cheered up my spirits.

It’s such a simply delightful tale of an elderly woman, whom has a dream of owning a really expensive dress. I feel there has been a brief moment of our lives, where we all have dreamt of acquiring an expensive item. As we’ve come to know that materialistic items aren’t really worth much value in terms of the whole meaning of life, as when we’re dead and gone, those items will not carry along with us. However: One can not simply turn away the immense joy we feel, when we do have big dreams of acquiring a item we love to own someday, as it does bring us that child like joy experience. So this film does bring a side of you, that reminisces around the excitement you used to have when you look at a particular item, as you would work hard to get it by any means… Even if it takes months or years of work even to get there.

While the tale is indeed charming, it however is driven to it’s full potential thanks to our main character Ada Harris. Helmed by a beautiful performance by Lesley Manville, if anyone deserves to have something ever so lavish like a beautiful expensive dress… It would have to be Ada Harris. She’s not only an extremely hard working gal, but she is the most sweetest woman ever, as she gives a grand amount of kindness towards others without complaining nor expecting much in return. Her soul is pure genuine and most certainly selfless, she’s someone that can immediately provide a massive impact on anyone's lives, as within her short time in Paris… She made an impact on many lives indeed.

I really enjoyed the Cinematography of this film, it’s a lovely shot film that actually shows the true side of Paris as a country. We tend to think Paris as this clean cut country, as we’re often shown the beauty of the Eiffel Tower and all. However: This film actually explores the not so clean side of Paris, as there is poverty partaking, unfair pay amongst workers, and garbage around the city. I have to applaud this film for actually showing a real side of Paris that isn’t explored often, as this felt like a photo realistic visual display of Paris. Not to mention the Costume Design was simply wonderful as well, as not only the dresses looked wonderful, but the outfits 50’s Paris and Europe looked great as well.

I guess have a couple brief flaws to discuss. There appears to be a tad issue, revolving around a sports bet that left me very confused on the end result of it all. Sure it was extremely sweet in terms of the outcome: But it’s hard to make of how it actually was able to be accomplished, without any harsh penalty. Some bit of pacing issues here and there. 

Overall, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a pretty good film! I highly recommend checking this one out, definitely a film that’s good for the soul I’ll say, we can all use a Mrs. Harris in our lives. -Mitch Smietana

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