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Moonfall; Grade: D

Moonfall tells a story about the earth potentially entering in a state of annihilation, caused by a mysterious force that has knocked the moon from it’s orbit, as bits of the moon heads on it’s way down to earth. It will take a miracle to save the earth, as it’s all in the hands of a conspiracy theorist KC Houseman (John Bradley), a disgraced astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), and another astronaut Jocinda (Halle Balle). Will they be able to save the earth?! Will they be able to defeat whatever the hell is up on the moon?

Filmmaker of this film by the name of Roland Emmerich has claimed that franchise films are destroying cinema. We can all agree with Roland Emmerich’s statement, however you know what is else is destroying cinema?! Filmmakers like Roland Emmerich. Why is that?! Well you see when a filmmaker makes the exact same kind of genre over and over again, eventually not only will you grow tired of the projects, but you’ll also questioned the filmmaker as why isn’t he actually trying to progress as a filmmaker?! Roland has made too many disaster films from the likes of Independence Day, Godzilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Independence Day Resurgence, and now we have Moonfall.

Moonfall honestly felt like Venom on steroids. The differences between the two projects despite Venom not being any good, I will admit there is some kind of entertainment value with regards to Tom Hardy’s over the top performance and the absurdity of the project as a whole. With Moonfall: It’s quite a baffling watch.

I do have a couple nice things to say about Moonfall. There’s this one car chase sequence in the third act that was kind of fun to watch. Even though I don’t like the character KC Houseman, I will say John Bradley’s performance is at least competent, as he really gives it his all in this role as you can clearly tell he had a blast playing this part.

The story of Moonfall by concept alone could be appealing, as the moon being knocked from it’s orbit creating havoc on planet earth could be interesting to watch. However the way it’s executed… It’s very absurd where it unfolds. Like this mysterious force at hand like I said reminds me of Venom, as the texture of this entity is black as it goes around floating in space having some kind of mysterious power to not only take down the earth, but transport itself onto the space craft killing human beings on board. Not only is it unoriginal, but also how it develops onto the third act will just leave you in disgust, as it felt like a knock off of Interstellar meets Star Wars.

One of the main issues with Moonfall is it’s desperate attempt at comedy. For some odd reason this film really tries very hard to be funny, especially with our lead character KC Houseman as for some reason they’re really trying to knock out these cringey jokes as it falls on it’s face every single time. I don’t get why it tries to be a comedy, it’s not like it’s trying to be naturally funny, it’s desperately trying to be funny and it’s just painful to watch as I didn’t laugh at a single thing in this entire film.

Other than John Bradley: I thought majority of the performances were bad as a whole. Patrick Wilson delivers a very weak performance at hand, Halle Berry whom normally is the best part in her bad films in the past, in this film she struggled immensely with her performance as well. Charlie Plummer whom I’ve enjoyed much so in the past, I thought this maybe his worst performance of his entire career, as I felt this was a major miscast as he was awful in his performance.

For a one hundred plus million dollar budget Sci-Fi action film… If I were one of the investors, I be extremely pissed by not only eventually losing money, but more so with the finish product at hand. It’s really just a baffling stupid film, that doesn’t try to be unique or original whatsoever, it’s barely entertaining as well.

Overall, Moonfall was a bad film. I don’t recommend this film. -Mitch Smietana

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