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Missing Link: A Touching and Pure Hearted Adventure Kids Film Grade: B+

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Source: IMDB

How can anyone not love stop motion animation?! It's a deep revealing art form in the animation genre, that has always been there with me since I was a kid, growing up to classics from Chicken Run to Wallace and Gromit. Laika animation studios have partaken in high quality stop motion animated films like Coraline and Kubo and the Two Strings. So of course I was looking forward to Missing Link, as yet again it does not disappoint. Missing Link tells a story tells a story about an explorer Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman). Although he has discovered many mythical creatures of his time, he doesn’t have photographic proof which makes him the laughing stalk of the explorers gentlemen’s club. Sir Lionel Frost received a letter that a Sasquatch is in Washington state, so he places a wager to the people of the club that if he discovers Sasquatch, then they’ll admit they’re wrong about him and be allowed in the club. He discovers Mr. Link (Zach Galifanakis) in the Forrest, as he can write fluently and talk as well. In order for Frost to bring back proof Mr. Link exists, he must first find his cousins the Yetti’s in the Himalayas, so he can belong to somebody. As Laika is well known for their beautifully made animation, Missing Link adds on as a newly addition into their category as the animation in this film is terrific. I loved the character designs, I loved the sets taken place, it always hits you personally while watching this style of animation because it takes a lot of effort to get all this done. Make sure to stay during the credits, because the film gives us a behind the looks of how they created a scene in the jungle, it's amazing how hard these artists work to achieve their goal. The Score was solid, I enjoy the composed score in this film as it sounded lovely. The characters were pretty good as a whole, I enjoyed them all just about. I enjoyed Mr. Link so much, he reminded of a talking Curious George in a way. How he taken everything literally, as he can’t understand wording, expressions, and sarcasm. He had such a friendly outgoing personality, I found the character extremely adorable the way he is. We’ll discuss later why this character felt a bit more personal. Sir Lionel Frost was a fun character as well. A man filled with adventure as he devoted his life towards discovering the world beyond reality, while also being a bad ass at times. Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana) was a fun unexpected character. She came along to Frost and Links journey, she was a total blast and had herself figured out. I absolutely enjoyed watching Missing Link. It’s a delightful experience, filled with excitement and adventure. We have an epic Saloon scene in the beginning, which was thrilling and exciting. I thought the film was pretty funny, just simple playful humor and worked well with a character like Mr. Link. This film was about people whom are lost as far as identity and what actually matters, also feel the need to be accepted by people in order to have value in life. Sir Lionel Frost wanted to get in this club so he can feel accepted as a great explorer. The thing is: People in this club treated him like garbage, he’s already an accomplished explorer proof or without proof, he’s doing what he loves so he doesn’t need to feel accepted by those that aren’t as passionate as him towards what he loves. Same with Mr. Link, he felt lonely so he feels in order to receive a place in this world, that he needed to be with his family. The only person Mr. Link needed, was himself. He was perfectly fine the way he was, he’s an extraordinary creature with a big heart, he didn’t need to be with his cousins to feel he has a place in this world. Family isn’t everything nor should family dictate your place or happiness in this world. In a way I related to Mr. Link. You know in order to feel accepted by my family, I felt I had to be like them in a way, do what they felt was acceptable so they can feel proud of me. I could never be like them because their values didn’t sit well with me, although I love them but I couldn’t be like them, I wanted to be me only. In the end: Be your own person, learn to love yourself without feeling the need to be accepted or have a place in this world because you’ll find it, and keep discovering yourself as time goes on, that’s the beauty behind life and this film, life is an adventure of discovering yourself, simply said. This film is not perfect, as it has a couple of flaws. The jokes don't always hit every time. I didn't care for the conflict with one particular villain, involving a wager taking place with Sir Lionel Frost. The wager could've been kept alone, without adding a hit man so it can present a conflict. Like Frost is known to be a laughing stalk because he’s never had proof of the creatures he discovers, why do you feel the need to hire a hit man, knowing likely he won’t bring back proof?! The whole thing felt a bit silly and unnecessary, I would’ve liked it better without that conflict, I feel the conflict with Yetti’s would’ve been just good enough. I really hope people actually try to make an effort and go see this film, animated films like these deserve the support they can get. The film is filled with great animation, great characters, adventure, laughs, and touches you deeply... What more can you ask for from a kids film?! Overall, Missing Link was a great film and the best animated film so far. I highly recommend this film, it’s a treat for adults and kids, seriously support these awesome animated films. Films like these warm my heart every time, every single time -Mitch Smietana

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