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Military Wives; T’was Inspiring and Cute. Grade: B-

Military Wives tells a story about a group of women, whom all have a husband that serves in the military. The women all gather in a group, as they try to find something to do, to keep them busy while their away on their mission. One woman suggests they start a choir group, as the leaders Kate (Kristen Scott Thomas) and Lisa (Sharon Horgan) thought it was a grand idea. Watch a group of women become rockstars right before our eyes.

The Cinematography was fine in this film, pretty standard looking film nothing particularly special about the shots. The Score was also fine, since the film is throughly on music, once in a great while you’ll catch a lovely tune. I honestly like the concluding song at the Remembrance Festival, it was honestly pretty cute and well sung as well. The cast all in all was solid as a whole. Kate played by Kristen Scott Thomas had a pretty good performance. Kate truly cares about the women of this group, she understands the emotions going through these women while their husbands are away. She basically the organizer of this group, she likes everything detailed oriented and organized. When it came to the choir, of course she wanted organization to where singers would come in, as she takes things very seriously. Lisa played by Sharon Horgan t’was a solid performance as well. Lisa is the exact opposite of Kate, only she provides what the women need... A Spark of Energy. She brings the women up from the ground, as she builds confidence for all the women, so they can feel comfortable in singing tunes without questioning their talent.

I do have flaws with Military Wives. At first we saw Kate greet her son, as we later on learned her son is dead. Was that scene intended as a flashback, or was that scene claiming Kate copes by calling a young man her son?! It never once comes back to play, so wasn’t sure how to evaluate that scene. I felt there was a poor editing choice during a sequence, in which a wife received terrible news. Before it took place it was Kate having a call that one was severely injured. Then it cuts to another wife, as the reaction towards the news made it seem like it was her husband that got injured. But turns out... Her husband is actually died. We could blame the acting in this scene, as it doesn’t reflect just how devastating the news was. But then again... Maybe not show a phone call, in which you provide that a soldier just only got injured before hand?! Lisa’s choice of words against Kate was absolutely unnecessary, distasteful, and disgraceful. I understand Lisa was mad at Kate, for her choice of words against her daughter. But Lisa crosses the line that should’ve never been crossed, I’m ashamed of Lisa and ashamed of the girls who didn’t stick up for Kate and left the bus. The military bases reaction to the wives performance... Why even show them at all to be honest?! This is a truly uplifting and inspiring moment, as everyone loudly cheers in their wonderful performance. Yet you cut to a military base, in which no one seems thrilled about what they just heard, as it felt like whatever to them?! It just kills the moment. As the kids say: Women Deserve Better.

Military Wives comes from the good people from Bleecker Street. It’s unfortunate they hit a curb in the road due to this pain in the ass, but of course always here to support their films. Military Wives was... Cute.

The story itself is rather nice and touching. You sometimes ask yourselves: How do women whom are involved with those in the military, exactly cope during the course of their departure?! I enjoyed the leadership in this group, as well as the togetherness. It’s a group of women in which is built on the foundation of a community, in which these women are oh so proud of what their husbands do, as they try to make the best of it. See what happens when you build something together and are actually proud of it?! You not only get things done, but you work through your triumphs and struggles together, as you can build a foundation of happiness. I enjoyed how these women progress over the course of time, as they become much better singers as well as becoming stronger women as a whole. I feel this film is inspiring just because this is how you respond to bumps in your journey in life. You’re not suppose to crowd in fear or curl up in a ball, you actually keep moving forward as you remain productive so you can achieve a superb goal. Normally the song We Are Family would drive me crazy, due to the fact it’s an overplayed cliche. However what this film did with We Are Family... Alright that was pretty cute, I can’t lie.

Overall, Military Wives is a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this one out on HULU, it’s something worth watching during the times we’re currently living in. -Mitch Smietana

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