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Mercy Black Quick View I’m Convinced Blumhouse Has No Idea What is Scary Grade: D-

Source: IMDB

Mercy Black is another Blumhouse produced film, just randomly dumped off to Netflix because why not? Fifteen years after Marina (Daniella Pineda) stabbed her friend out in the woods, because a red clay masked entity by the name of Mercy Black told her to. She comes back home, as Mercy Black awaits her return, as all hell can break loose once more for her, her sister, and her niece. I knew I was in for another rude awakening from Blumhouse, by the scattered opening red title sequences that gave me a headache, as well as one of the worst opening scenes I’ve seen from a horror film in quite some time. The acting is tremendously awful by just about everyone, the flashback sequences felt all out of order, as well as the typical horror jump scare cliches made the film pretty predictable. Now let me say the story itself isn’t all that bad, some parts are interesting and actually had potential for a good revenge story... The problem is this story makes absolutely no freaking sense. First off of all: Who is Mercy Black?! Where did Mercy Black come from? How did Mercy Black get inside these kids minds, to where they act crazy? Where did this hidden cellar come from? You could’ve just made a nice psychological revenge story, but no you took the hard route and made one of the most baffling confusing frustrating horror films I’ve watched in awhile. I despise the character design of Mercy Black, it looks so ridiculous and goofy. It’s a damn shame really, I saw potential in making a cool little horror film and they made another terrible project from Blumhouse once again. Overall, Mercy Black sucked, I don’t recommend giving this film a watch it’s a waste of time. -Mitch Smietana

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