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Marriage Story Quick View One of the Best Screenplays of the Decade Grade: A

Source: IMDB

Marriage Story tells a story about a married couple Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson), whom recently have just separated. Nicole and her son Henry (Azhy Robertson) temporarily moved out to LA, where Nicole recently got casted for a pilot. Nicole gets heavily acquainted with the idea of herself and her son living in LA for the remainder of their lives, but Charlie wants his son to be with him in New York. So Nicole has no choice but to serve Charlie divorce papers, as soon this divorce really takes a toll on them and even their son. Witness a brutal yet truthful story, of how incredibly tough and brutal the process of divorce can be. The Cinematography of this film looked very lovely, felt like a completely authentic looking film. I think what builds up the Cinematography for having such style, is certainly the set design... It feels like I’m watching a catalog for a fashion magazine or for furniture, it makes me feel cozy and warm just by watching this film. The Score of this film was pretty good, really enjoyed the composed music of this film. I also really enjoyed that one random musical number from Adam Driver... It’s completely random, but has a purpose in being there and it sounded oddly good. The cast in this film all in all was pretty great. My only issue with the cast is Ray Liotta playing Charlie’s lawyer, I just found his performance incredibly weak. The stars of this film is certainly the two leads Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson and let me just say: Bravo... I mean their both flawless in this film, absolutely terrific performances by both of them. The thing that makes these performances special is you don’t feel as you’re watching actors playing characters, you honestly feel like you’re watching a real life divorced couple going through the many lows divorce comes with. The chemistry between these two are insane, majority of their scenes together are absolutely brilliant to watch. Especially during the altercation scene... Like I can not believe they were able to pull that scene off, without making a single error at all, it was done so realistically that I honestly felt crushed by watching that scene. I honestly thought Joaquin Phoenix was going to run away with his Oscar, but after watching Adam Driver’s performance in this film, the choice becomes incredibly difficult to choose from. I could not believe the level of intensity and emotion Adam Driver was putting into this role, like I know I kid around about Adam Driver just playing himself in recent roles, but this right here proves to me he’s more than an average actor, this man Adam Driver is a superb actor at it’s finest, best performance of his entire career hands down, there is no comparison whatsoever. People on social media owe Scarlett Johansson an apology after the performance she brings up. All this hate and slander, how she’s not that good of an actress... EXCUSE ME?! Do you actually watch movies? Or you just follow what every dumb founded moron on social media says, because it’s “cool” to have the same opinion as the majority?! I prefer other performances from her earlier work, but you can’t tell me she’s not great in this film. I enjoy how the film makes us not having to choose sides between both of these characters. Both characters are likable human beings, who take great care of their son, and have their reasonings behind what they desire out of custody from their child. You may say you would side with Charlie due to the fact he never wanted to bring lawyers in their separation, as they wanted to end on good terms for the sake of their child. But at the same time... You understand Nicole’s reasoning for her desires. Nicole made a fair amount of sacrifices for her husband Charlie, so Charlie can succeed in his theatre plays. For once Nicole would’ve loved to get her opportunity out in LA, as Charlie would make a sacrifice for Nicole, as Charlie failed to do so. So for Nicole she felt she deserved more for her self worth, plus being away from her own child, where he could be living across the globe basically. You feel the pain for both of these characters and you can reason with either one of them, but what can’t be reasoned with is the heartbreaking battle of handling their separation by lawyers and the court system. Also really enjoyed Charlie and Nicole’s child Henry played by Azhy Robertson, thought he gave a really good performance as well. I felt the film maker did a really good job with Henry, though he rather be with his mother due to living conditions and having friends/family over in LA, he still loves his parents almost exactly the same. He gets a little rattled by the process, as he would much prefer his father moving to LA rather than him traveling back and forth. In Charlie’s case you can understand because his life has always been revolved around NY and his work, as well as he put in a lot of money and time into making a well built theatre, crew, and cast. As much as Charlie would love to enjoy being with Henry, Charlie must make ends meets while also achieving his passion towards the arts. Also enjoyed a couple supporting performances in this film as well. I found Laura Dern playing Nicole’s lawyer as she’s pretty damn good. Sometimes the character itself irritated me, but for one trying to win a case and caring about her client, I found the character to be a very convincing and accurate lawyer. Alan Alda plays Charlie’s lawyer at first and I found his performance to be pretty cool, I enjoyed how chill and mellow this character was as well. There’s been a lot of hype and buzz around this film, as I assume it be a pretty good at best. Well I was so damn wrong... Marriage Story is one of the best films I’ve seen in quite some time, from a writing standpoint it’s one of the best screenplays of the decade. My cousin is going through a tough divorce, that has been pretty difficult as far as the custody battle goes between their daughter. I find it pretty unfortunate just because not only is it unfair for their child to be having going through this process at a very typhoon age, but in all honesty what good is coming in the end?! Both are good parents that care and love their child deeply, what is the point in creating all this unhealthy drama, especially causing confusion for the kid?! I mean grow up. I hear some behind the scenes stuff from their divorce, so of course this film exactly reminds me of their divorce. It’s a completely brutal and tough process, that can really break down a human beings emotions and this film does not shy away from that. Sometimes you have to ask yourself is going through all this worth it and majority of the time... It really isn’t, unless you’re involved with someone that is mentally/physically abusive then there really is no reason to create all this heartache on both parties. I enjoyed the opening monologues of this film, I found it extremely beautiful and also can make one tear up when it’s brought back up again in the end. It kind of delivers a heart felt message of simply putting effort in communicating instead of turning yourself away from communicating, sometimes that’s all it take to heal the wounds you created for yourselves. This film put a big toll on me as I really enjoyed almost every second of this film. Overall, Marriage Story is flat out fantastic and one of the best films of the year. I highly recommend checking this one out, it’s on Netflix today. It’s a crime against humanity this film is not in theaters, would’ve loved to spend money watching this in a theater. Hopefully if nominated for an Oscar they’ll put in theaters for a rerelease. Well done Noah Baumbach, you created a pure masterpiece I do say so myself, best of luck to you this award season! -Mitch Smietana

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