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Ma Octavia Spencer was the Highlight of this Lame Party Grade: C

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Source: IMDB

Ma tells a story of an middle aged veterinary assistant Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer), whom helps some high school kids illegally buy alcohol for them. Sue Ann thought it be best if these high schoolers drink and party in her basement, because it’s cool to keep kids safe while they under age drink. But soon the high schoolers realize their friend Ma may not be completely sane after all. The Cinematography looked fine, no shots really wowed me in any way, couple shots in the dark weren’t good, but it worked out just fine. The Score was disappointing to be honest. I liked the composed music in the trailer a lot, thought that music was pretty cool and I wanted to see it in this film... They never used that music once sadly. I liked a couple of soundtrack selections, where they are properly used, but other than that meh. The cast of this film was alright I guess. We came to see this movie to watch Octavia Spencer to be a whack job, she’s the best part of this entire film by far, without her this film would be below mediocrity. She had a great performance, I’ve seen her play a weirdo once in Dinner for Schmucks, but now she’s a sinner kind of weirdo this time around, she’s great. There’s one teenager performance I did however enjoyed unlike the others, that was Tanyell Waivers, I thought she did a pretty good job. I guess Luke Evans and Juliette Lewis were fine, also the main teenager Maggie played by Diana Silvers was fine too. So Ma was your typical thriller film. The plot twist caught me off guard in a good way, felt it was different from the average norm, as it gave Sue Ann the appropriate motivation for revenge. The film has a simple story, it’s barely effective, as it kept me somewhat entertain and little interested for a good hour and a half. I think this film could’ve been more wild, but also less revealing. I felt Sue Ann’s flashbacks were unnecessary, I rather have them kept secret till the end of the film. That way when Sue Ann is stalking a few of these characters, our curiosity is fed in the near end, where the plot twist can be showed to it’s full potential. I wanted a couple over the top moments, sure maybe an over the top kill because this film needed one. But I want it to full out accept it’s over the top wild nature this film was suppose to go for, doesn’t take the risks I wanted it to take. In the conclusion of this film, Sue Ann is torturing characters one by one. I liked three out of four things Sue Ann does, because they all had a purpose of the way she was torturing these characters. But one character she tortures... She paints the characters face, I’m like... Why?! This scene needed to embrace a wild over the top moment right here. The character’s friend says something vulgar about Sue Ann wanting to do something to this character... She should’ve done exactly that in this moment. That way this scene gets that wild over the top moment, but it delivers it’s purpose of why Sue Ann did this act to this character. I don’t understand the side plot of a character being presented at all. She was just a random character sick, I felt she should’ve been cut out completely, didn’t do much at all. Overall, Ma is an alright thriller. I’d wait for rental to see this film. -Mitch Smietana

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