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Lynch: A History Quick View A Complete Mess and Utter Nonsense Grade: F

Source: IMDB

So I go on the Kanopy app, ya know searching up movies and what not. As I’ve come across this new documentary film that so happened to be available on the platform, which happened to be on NFL star running back Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch was loved for his style of game on the field and his personality off the field, I was fortunate enough to see him play live growing up as a kid during a Bills vs Dolphins game. He rushed for a 100+ yards that game on a snowy cold day, so yes I was very lucky to witness that in person. What I thought was going to be an interesting documentary about this beloved football player, became one of the worst documentaries I’ve ever seen, so bad that I turned it off early within thirty minutes. The film maker behind this didn’t go your normal basic documentary route, instead he experiments with something particularly different, but can be comparable as far as style like that recent Travis Scott documentary Look Mom I Can Fly. The film maker wanted to show the audience what went on in Lynch’s head, as the NFL player is more of a keep to himself kind of guy, showing flashes here and there of his personality, but isn’t comfortable speaking out on how he really feels. For me I understand what the film maker was trying to do, as I’ll give him an E for effort trying something different... But it gotten very old, really quick. In fact some of the random footage and deep quotes doesn’t line up with this documentary at all, as it never flows accordingly to what the film maker was trying to do. Not only did it get old, it just got extremely obnoxious after awhile watching Lynch, then watching civil rights stuff, then watching another random unnecessary clip... Over and over again, as it’s just complete disaster. The film maker should be thankful I gave this thirty minutes of my time, but mostly be thankful I had interest in Marshawn Lynch. If one doesn’t know whom Marshawn Lynch was, they would turn this off within five minutes and honestly... I don’t blame them, I would encourage them too because this documentary is a flat out mess. I wouldn’t call this the worst documentary I’ve ever seen, that vegan propaganda film What the Health clearly takes the cake every time, but I would say this definitely clinches a second worst of all time spot. To the film maker I appreciate the fact you wanted to make a love letter to Oakland and Lynch, while trying to do something different and display a strong message... But you have to make sure it’s interesting and that it flows smoothly, it’s all over the place and easily lost of interest within a couple minutes. Overall, Lynch: A History is the worst documentary of the year and one of the worst films of the year. I don’t recommend this film at all, even if you’re a Lynch fan like I am... Stay away and just watch his highlights instead. -Mitch Smietana

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