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Luca; Has a Heart Felt Message However Not the Best Pixar Can Deliver. Grade: C+

Taking a brief break from the festival, as I'll be reviewing the newest Pixar film... Yes I know I'm a hypocrite, always complaining about how Disney is soulless and often times are a garbage organization, yet I'll make actual time to cover their newest Pixar film on time. Pixar really is the whole exception since Pixar actually makes quality unique films.

Luca tells a story about a young lochness monster Luca (Jacob Tremblay) whom is warned by his family, to never go beyond the surface. It's not because the lochness monsters can't breathe without water, it's more towards human beings murder lochness monsters. Luca eventually goes on land anyways and gets acquainted with a fellow lochness monster Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer), as both young lochness monsters transform into human beings, but if touched by any drop of water their real identity is shown. Alberto and Luca have a grand time together, as they dream of one day owning a Vespa, a moped like scooter. Alberto and Luca travel across land where many people live in, as they come across an epic race in which grants the winner a large amount of prize money, in which Alberto and Luca will achieve their dream of owning that beloved Vespa. Alberto and Luca get acquainted with a young woman named Giulia (Emma Berman), whom has great experience with this race, as they'll join forces to hopefully win the race.

As I've said before with my Soul review: Pixar films do not deserve to be restricted on a television screen. The logic behind Disney ditching Pixar films to straight to streaming from a business model makes absolutely no sense, why couldn't they do the whole watch it in theaters or pay $30 to stream it like the other films?! That way everyone can be happy, but no that’s too much to ask! Pixar not only rightfully deserves to be given that treatment, but the other films that are offered don't deserve it over them. It's just utterly embarrassing especially from a artistic standpoint, you don't restrict quality art to a bare minimum, all the money and critic deception given to Pixar that made your company standout is highly unacceptable. Thank you to all the artists over at Pixar for not only what they do, but also sticking up for themselves. Thankfully I've heard Disney is bringing Pixar films back to theaters next year, but please for the love of God Disney... BE BETTER.

Luca from an animation standpoint t'was honestly beautiful, it kind of felt like I was in a video game, more so something out of the world of Mario, more closer to Yoshi Island I believe sorry I haven't played those games in YEARS! From the character design I liked the way the humans were designed, they looked adorable. However the lochness monster character design... Meh, felt like great value designs from Finding Nemo mixed with whatever that knock off animation films that are featured in the ocean.

What stands out for Luca to me is the theme and the messages. Basically aims on those whom feel afraid to show their true self, when others may not treat you fairly because of how you look. You shouldn’t hide from whom you really are and just be confident in yourself, no matter what people think or say, don’t let their ignorance get the best of you, you’re special the way you are. I thought it was done extremely well enough for kids to understand and in a way was very heart felt.

The story on the other hand was my main issue with the entire film as a whole, as there are some things that worked and some things that needed to improved. The main event with the race was honestly the best thing about this entire story, I liked the whole training process and the race itself. It was exciting I will say, the only thing I will say about the race itself as an issue was how come there can be a team competing but also lone individuals can compete?! I don't know the fairness of it all doesn't really add up for me, I think it should either be team oriented or just individuals competing for the top prize.

The story itself felt very basic to me, that felt reminiscent to past Pixar films one especially stands out to me was Ratatouille. Sure in a way Luca is kind of different than Ratatouille in execution, but as far as theme you can say Ratatouille is far more superior in delivering a stronger message than Luca, to not only be true to your self but to follow your passion and deliver to your true potential. When it comes to Luca's family not wanting Luca to go beyond the surface, you tend to question why?! I get the whole getting murdered aspect, but as far as their own world... What is there to offer for Luca?! I mean you look at Luca's world below the surface and realize there's nothing to do. All Luca's purpose is I guess babysit fish so they don’t get captured?! But then later on… Luca then leads a fisherman to fish on an area where there is a ton of fish, so I don’t understand why he has to babysit fish in the first place. Matter of a fact what do these lochness monsters or any fish matter of a fact actually do?! Like Chris Stuckmann says: We know nothing about this world at all, which makes me question what is the moral point other than surviving, in their world?! It felt basically entirely empty, maybe the film was trying to indicate if you continue to hide from the world, you won't be able to experience living, but they should've at least had a moment in which Luca questions this world and what is the point.

The whole transformation thing... How does that happen?! "It's a kids movie, you're not suppose to think, it's fiction!" Yeah but at least past Pixar films cared to explain themselves or express simple logic with regards of their world, but with this it just happens just because. The thing when Luca changes into a human, sure he's a bit frighten at first however doesn't even question how can he breathe on land when he’s a sea creature. He just gets startled for a couple minutes, then is just like "Ok cool bro"?! The antagonist of the film Ercole (Saverio Raimondo) was extremely lame, it's almost as if he doesn't really have much of a factor in this story, under than him participating in the race is entirely unfair. Speaking of which: Why is Ercole accepted in this race, mainly aimed for 16 years and younger?! They question him at first saying they thought he said he was 16 last year when he says he's 16 this year, but they don't even do anything going forward, they just let him in the race again. It's like the ICarly episode where this chef goes through a crisis losing in a cooking competition, as at the end of the episode the chef makes sure he'll never lose again by competing in a 12 years and younger wrestling match. With ICarly it at least makes it funny and explains itself, because the rules are 12 years and younger are recommended, so the chef can compete. With Luca it doesn't even explain why he's allowed in the race knowing he doesn't qualify and doesn't even make fun of itself, so you question how come this is allowed?!

I expected the humor to be good in this film, but I was honestly surprised how just unfunny this was. I think a chuckled maybe a couple times, a few at the most but there was no laugh out moments which I normally get out of these Pixar films. As far as the ending goes sure it delivers on the message, but what transpires in the finale is kind of blasphemous. I won't spoil it, but it's just unrealistic how in one particular moment, now everyone will accept it everywhere atomically... Like these things unfortunately takes time to getting use to, so that was silly.

Luca felt like a by the books kind of animation film, sure the style and a little bit of the story had something new to offer, but it's not necessary entirely unique as it has quite a bit of gapping holes. Not the worst thing I've ever seen, at least it's better than all the Cars movies, but it surely is not the best thing I've ever seen.

Overall, Luca was fine. I recommend checking this out though, I think it's grand for children especially, you can even say this film does more good to teaching children proper lessons for life than what the schools are teaching them today... YES SIR! -Mitch Smietana

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