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Love, Antosha Quick View The Legacy of Anton Yelchin will Last Forever Grade: B+

Source: IMDB

Love, Antosha is a documentary film featuring actor Anton Yelchin, whom died tragically at a young age due to an unfortunate accident. Discover a young promising rising star, that was more than just a movie star... As he was also an intelligent man, filled with kindness, while also a true fighter in his own life as well. When the news of Anton Yelchin’s passing came up, I honestly was vey sad. I used to always enjoy this young actor in the films he was in, whether it be The Beaver, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Terminator Salvation, and my favorite of his Charlie Bartlett... I was like, “You gotta be kidding me.......” T’was very heartbreaking and just flat out sucks, I know there was great potential for him to become an Oscar winning actor someday, life really isn’t fair. Speaking of Oscars: Remember the Oscars showed a quick clip of Anton Yelchin, with a quote stating in the end, “Legends never really die”.... It just hits you once again. Anyways when I heard an Anton Yelchin documentary film was being made, I was honestly very very excited. For an actor that I didn’t know much of, other than the movies he was in, I was truly eager to learn more about the real Anton Yelchin behind the scenes. I learned a great amount of information from this documentary, as now I’m completely crushed to the core that this man had passed WAY too early from us... Like come on man really?! You’ll learn early on Anton’s parents put their all into creating a great life for Anton. His parents came from the Soviet Union and during the time it was not a safe environment to raise a child. Luckily Anton’s parents were gifted athletes, so they put all their well earned money into getting out of the country and start a new life for their child in America. What does came as a surprise is the amount of love Anton had for not only his parents, but more so his mother. You just adore Anton’s full affection for his mother, they were inseparable as the emails/letters he wrote to his mom were truly the cutest thing ever, makes you want to hug your mother right after this film. We learn about Anton Yelchin’s love towards the art of film. This man was a die hard film buff, which you could even consider him as a critic the way he wrote down notes and theories behind characters he seen on screen or was playing in a role. We learn that Anton always wanted to be a film maker. From his little cam recorded short films, he had such a way of telling a story and even at a young age already had a vision of what he wanted to make or say. I believed in due time if he was still here, he be making films by now. We also learned that Anton was loved and respected by the entire film community. His co stars loved him and even some was envious of him, due to the fact he was an intelligent actor whom worked hard and never skipped one day on set. Lastly we learned that Anton was dealing with a disease throughout the entirety of his life. The way he consistently fought this disease and didn’t let a single soul know about it, was truly inspiring because he didn’t want the sympathy card or wanted special treatment... He just wanted to get better and by doing so, working hard on his health and believing he can get better, without any distractions. Indeed he was a true warrior, most would crumble due to the amount of pressure he was dealing with, but he continued to work hard, be humble, and still be a pure hearted soul. I enjoyed all the interviews of Anton’s parents, friends, co stars, and even Nick Cage’s narration as well. I guess flaws I have with this film is film making quality, never once did I think I was watching something other than a documentary. If you ever wanted to explore more with Anton Yelchin or learn about this young promising actor, then immediately watch his films, this is definitely a well made documentary for you. Overall, Love, Antosha was a pretty damn good documentary. I recommend this film, available to rent on ITunes today. R.I.P. Anton Yelchin as always, cinema misses you big time and shall never forget you either. -Mitch Smietana

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