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Loqueesha Quick View A Tutorial of What Not to do While Making a Movie Grade: F

Source: IMDB

As years go by, we’ve progressed so much in film, bringing us classic after classic after great hits. All of those films have led us to a brand new remarkable masterpiece.... Loqueesha... Y I K E S. Due to intense interest, the film maker behind this low budget comedy, decided to put it out early on Amazon Prime. Loqueesha tells us a story of a bartender named Joe (Jeremey Saville), whom needs to raise five figures so his gifted son can go attend private school. Joe is an acclaimed wise man, delivering great advice, so he decided to try out for a radio talk show host position. Joe got denied, so what is he going to do now to raise money for his child?! Simple: Impersonate a stereotype sassy African American woman, hoping to achieve the radio talk show host gig and guess what?! HE GOT THE PART. How long can Joe go on with this embarrassing distasteful act?! Right off the bat this comedy went up in flames with controversy, as they released the trailer. The quality of the trailer and even the God awful poster, is no different than the actual film itself. So believe it or not: I have one positive thing to say about this film. Our main character Joe learns a lesson in the end: That he should not be somebody else, in order to reach high success. You’ll lose respect for yourself and even lose grip on yourself. I mean it was developed so... Yeah nice job. This film can be played in film school, as you go through scene after scene, as your pointing out what’s wrong within basically every scene. This film doesn’t do really anything right, besides the one positive I made. The Cinematography looks terrible, sometimes it looks like a cheap TV set, sometimes it looks like a cheap porno. Extremely poor lighting in many scenes, the sets are ugly to look at, especially the bar which honestly... It never convinced me it was a bar & grill, looks like a really crappy theatre hall. You can argue this film didn’t have much money to work with, to make this film look presentable... However I can counter that with Ralph Sepe’s Lover, which only had $10,000 in it’s budget, the film looked really impressive despite that low budget, so I don’t want to hear excuses. I hated the music in this film, it sometimes over powered scenes in which you couldn’t make of what the characters were talking about, it’s very distracting. It’s pretty much bad stock music, like just go hire some composer, I’m sure they can whip up something redeemable than this garbage. Speaking of sound? The sound editing and mixing is noticeably bad at times, especially scenes of Joe and his family, it never sounded clear in those scenes, sounded staticky. The cast was terrible, early on Mara Hall actually wasn’t bad when introduced... As time went on, her scenes became very cringeworthy and annoying, where as an end result didn’t have a good performance either. Sometimes I watched these acclaimed terrible films, to either be entertained by how bad they are or how bad it is that it becomes hilarious. Great examples would be The Room, Love on a Leash, Ben and Arthur, Wish Upon. None of those movies are good in any way, however I remember them because they made me laugh and entertained by how bad it is, even the stories themselves keep the viewer watching by how ridiculous they are. I know Loqueesha is a comedy, so it’s hard to achieve that expectation... But this is one of the most dullest comedies I’ve ever seen. There’s not one joke that works in this film, as a comedy it’s quite an embarrassment, the written material is atrocious. I didn’t laugh once other than a poorly over exaggerated scene and a terrible editing choice in the end regarding an error computer file displayed. Blame can be certainly all on the director and writer of this film Jeremy Saville, his taste in comedy is atrocious and if you don’t believe me?! Look at his Instagram page, it’s just him doing lame impressions using snap chat filters. Although earlier I said this film had a positive, regarding of our main character learning a lesson.... The rest of the script stinks. Things just randomly happen without much of a cause, a romance encounter that was poorly developed, unnecessary characters that really had no purpose in being there, dragged out scenes that ran too long, the story itself is just lousy. I could go on and on, theres so much garbage in this film, everywhere you look you can see something is not quite right. Overall, Loqueesha is an embarrassment. Unless you’re going to use this film, for learning purposes on what not to do when making a film, don’t watch it all. So I’m going to be mature and spread some positivity: In the end of things, this film is just like any film, that is... It’s just a film. From the looks of this film’s Instagram page... It seemed like the cast and crew all had a good time being apart of this film. To all those that worked on this film... If you’re happy in what you made or what you’ve been apart of, more power to you, I’m happy for your happiness. You had your film finished and had a platform to be released in, where others can watch... Regardless how terrible it is, just be proud of that, move forward and improve on the next gig. -Mitch Smietana

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