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Look Both Ways Quick View; Grade: B

Look Both Ways tells a story about a college gal named Natalie (Lili Reinhart) whom is about to graduate college at the university of Texas, as she awaits to go to LA as she hopes to work in animation. Natalie has a college friend named Gabe (Danny Ramirez) who is a drummer, as his band got a sponsor for their upcoming tour. To celebrate both Gabe’s and Natalie’s accomplishments: They both have sex just for the hell of it. Natalie became very sick later on, as she feared she maybe pregnant despite Gabe having a condom on. As we await on what the pregnancy result might be, the story then take us on a journey, in which what would Natalie’s life would like if she got pregnant or not gotten pregnant.

Fresh off a fairly decent romantic comedy film from Netflix The Wedding Season, you still feel at doubt that Netflix can continue to deliver another quality film of this genre. You look at the cover art of Look Both Ways from your Netflix browser, as you feel… Eh, not expecting much. Fortunately for this Romantic Comedy/Drama… This was a genuine surprise, as this felt like a traditional Romantic Comedy/Drama film in which we’ve been missing quite sometime in cinema, especially when it can be liked by both an adult audience and a teenage audience.

The story as a whole as we go through both journeys of which Natalie is pregnant or not pregnant, was both equally sweet and engaging. I felt both storyline’s was fairly balanced, they’ll be a moment in which you couldn’t tell which is which, I’d say the baby shower sequence was a little confusing, however it still maintained consistent focus where one doesn’t out shine the other.

I felt the whole messaging of this film was extremely sweet, heart warming, and even uplifting for those whom decide to go through pregnancy if it has come accidental and unplanned. More than often people get extremely terrified by the idea of having a child at a young age, simply because they feel their whole life is over at a blink of an eye. Truth be told pregnant or not: Life will run it’s course the way it should be, with challenges either way, as there is simply not a much more easier path than the other. You can say while both directions both have their differences: Both can be looked at as a fairly equal perspective, as Natalie through her challenges, was where she needed to be all along. At the end of the day: You’re going to be ok either way, as the important thing is to remain strong and continue moving forward, as eventually you will be where you needed to be. It was simply sweet, all the stress and anxiety women go through when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy, perhaps are going to feel relieved as this film will help them know they’re going to be ok.

I feel one major flaw is Natalie’s parents, as I felt there was inconsistency plus feeling underwhelmed with the development of Natalie and both relationships with the parents. At first both parents were pretty pissed off knowing Natalie is pregnant, then all of a sudden they’re both caring and supportive… Felt odd especially how they screamed at her recklessly, giving selfish reasons why they don’t want her presence at the house, and even invading her sleep. The relationships felt underwhelming as while the mannerisms of the parents changed to be more caring and supportive… There is not really a memorable sequence, where either parent offers closure to Natalie through her difficult moments.

Overall, Look Both Ways was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, can be a lovely family night, gals night, and especially date night in as well… Fellahs may get away with making love with their gal after the film is over, as the risk will be well rewarded at the of it either way, girls please DO NOT fall for their trap. Now if you excuse me: I have an epic The Weeknd concert to go to tonight! -Mitch Smietana

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