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Long Shot A Speech That Ran Too Long I Suppose Grade: C

Source: IMDB

Long Shot tells a story of an unemployed journalist Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen), whom now is working on writing the secretary of state’s speeches Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron). Charlotte picked Fred because he’s a pretty good writer and she personally knows him, from when she babysat him when they were kids. Fred has liked Charlotte since those days, although a relationship is not in his favor, but he just hopes he can help Charlotte become the first woman as president. The cast in this film were fine. Obviously Charlize Theron is the best out of all the cast, no it’s no surprise her having the best performance in the film. She embraces this role with open arms, as she convinces the audience if running for president, they would vote for her. She does a great job being a politician, the way she walks, talks, her body language all speaks correctly towards being a politician. Charlize offers a couple laughs, I’ve seen her funnier in other projects, but her performance itself is what makes this character alive. Seth Rogen playing Fred was alright, what he offers is a few laughs but besides that this performance was pretty flat. I felt he was mis casted for this role, for an outspoken journalist I’d like to see a little more charisma and some kind of aggression in this character, unfortunately he’s not able to deliver what should be needed for this character. The problem is: Seth Rogen can only play himself, which isn’t a bad thing but for this character, I needed to buy in that he is an outspoken journalist, that has raw energy against those in power, as I couldn’t without clearly seeing it’s just Seth Rogen playing himself again. The way Seth delivers lines of anger is terrible, it gave me a headache by how annoying he is. I enjoyed O’Shea Jackson Jr.’s past roles in Straight Outta Compton and Ingrid Goes West, in this film as Fred’s “Republican Friend”... This maybe his weakest performance to date. The character written was kind of annoying, not because of his values, just the way he is honestly left me annoyed as he’s this lame comedic relief. O’Shea didn’t do a good job as well, it’s more towards the written material for this character, but yeah it’s not his best work I must admit. Oh I enjoyed Bob Odenkirk for the short time he was in this film, he was funny as the president. So Long Shot... It’s whatever. When I looked at the run time, I feared this would be one of my main issues with the film and it was: It’s way too long. I felt it should’ve been cut twenty minutes, some moments and scenes shown didn’t really needed to be there or be dragged out that long. The pacing has indeed drained me, as I often felt bored and for a comedy film you can’t have this. At times this film hit with it’s jokes and at times it didn’t hit. This film took jabs at Fox News, which in my opinion I don’t care about any political news broadcast because I don’t watch any of that, but these jokes were lame as hell. Somehow this film manages to bring a Wakanda salute joke at the end, why was that there?! Just because the dude is African American, doesn’t mean they all go around saying Wakanda, knock it off. In a comedy film earlier this year What Men Want, a little kid did a Wakanda salute joke, because he had black panties on his face thinking he was Black Panther, that’s a joke put into good use and is appropriate for the joke. I’m not saying you have to be respectful towards the joke, I’m saying the joke shouldn’t come off as a random corny punchline for no apparent reason, it just looks stupid, have a reason for this joke to be made. This film tries to deliver some good messages, by saying them rather than building up towards delivering the messages. For example Fred finds out his friend is a republican, his friend delivers a message that just because he’s a republican, doesn’t mean he’s a terrible person which as they’ve been friends for a long time, so it makes sense. He also says Fred shouldn’t be so judgmental, that he should hear them out as each party does bring out good points to their policies. That’s a nice message, the problem is it’s randomly said with no build up. Now how about giving us a scene, where Fred and Charlotte fight over the fact that Charlotte is agreeing towards a republican’s point of view, that Fred is easily angered because she agreed with a republican?! See that scene has a build up towards the message delivered, it would make sense why his friend is saying these lines. The message delivered didn’t make sense with what Fred was going through, sure it sounded like a good message, but it wasn’t used properly without a build up. The story was fine and did some nice things, I enjoyed how they got the life of a politician correctly, in the scenes where Charlotte is sleep deprived and never stops working. The romance was kind of sweet, even the grand finale can’t help but like the goofiness. For a comedy if it was just trimmed down by twenty minutes, it could be at least fairly decent, but unfortunately with the pacing and long run time it was hard for me to enjoy this throughly. Overall, Long Shot was just ok. I’d say wait for rental to see this. -Mitch Smietana

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